Even Scandinavian Welfare States Realize Too Much Dependency and Too Many Handouts Are Destructive

September 1, 2013

Whoever though Denmark and Sweden would be less statist than us? We have some catching up to do.

International Liberty

We’re making a tiny bit of progress in the battle against the welfare state. No, policy hasn’t changed yet, but at least there’s growing recognition that maybe, just maybe, it’s not a good idea to pay people not to work. Particularly when you trap them in lives of dependency and despair and undermine progress in the fight against poverty.

This chart shows that various handouts discourage low-income people from earning more money, and a recent blockbuster study from a couple of my colleagues at the Cato Institute revealed that welfare pays more than entry-level employment in dozens of states.

And a growing number of people are now aware that there’s been an explosion of food stamp dependency, so one hopes that all this knowledge eventually will translate into a new round of welfare reform.

Why am I optimistic? Well, because awareness already is leading to change in some…

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(Video) Sowell on the difference between a liberal and a conservative

September 1, 2013

Via California Political Review:

Spot on, especially his three questions. I wish journalists would ask these of every politician about his latest bright idea, whether in Washington, Sacramento, or the Los Angeles City Hall.