From the Scientific Urban Legend Department: ‘AGW Sea Level Rise Made Sandy More Destructive’

And yet they expect us to trust them? Hello? There’s a difference between sea-level rise and land subsidence. Click through to see why that’s important.

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Kip Hansen, St Thomas, USVI

The Claim:

Even if research shows that Hurricane Sandy was not “caused” by Global Warming, it is certain that sea level rise caused by anthropogenic global warming increased the resultant destruction from Sandy’s storm surge.



“ … sea levels continue to rise due to global warming. The picture here is very clear. And that means that every single hurricane that hits land will push seawater farther inland when it does so. Or as one scientist told me in the wake of Sandy, “There is 100 percent certainty that sea level rise made this worse. Period.” “ (footnote 1)

“Climate Change Made Sandy Worse. Period.” (footnote 7)


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