Playing Hardball on a Government Shutdown Is the only Short-Run Way to Make Fiscal Progress

September 29, 2013

The latest CR passed by the House (delay Obamacare for a year, repeal the medical device tax) should play better with the public than a total defunding. They should make Reid and Obama feel the heat on the “fairness” issue.

International Liberty

I haven’t written much about the budget fights over a government shutdown, Obamacare, the continuing resolution, and the debt limit for the simple reason that the battles are mostly about politics and strategy rather than policy.

At the risk of oversimplifying, here’s what’s happening.

On one side are those who want to use the debt limit (legislation allowing additional borrowing) and the continuing resolution (a spending bill for the fiscal year that starts October 1) as leverage to weaken Obamacare and restrain spending.

On the other side are those who say big confrontations are too politically risky, particularly since good changes are impossible with Harry Reid controlling the Senate and Obama in the White House.

In this “insurgents” vs “establishment” fight, I think it’s possible for good people to have opposing positions, but my sympathies are with the former over the latter. Here are a couple of observations to illustrate…

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