You want to know why Obamacare will collapse?

"The Obamacare roll-out experience"

“The Obamacare roll-out experience”

Because of experiences like this:

I’m in Texas. As a 50 year old non-smoker, I have (or did yesterday) 46 plan options from three insurers. I’m not eligible for catastrophic coverage since I’m over 30 and not indigent. And there were no platinum plans offered to me. The bronze, silver and gold plans ranged from $202 a month to $586 a month. I searched just for myself, not family coverage. The story going forward is going to be that the low-cost plans are garbage. Plan after plan had $5,000 and $6,000 deductibles before they pay a penny in benefits, and even then you’d still be on the hook for 40% of your bill. Once you get to the $350/$400 a month range, there are a few plans with $1,500 and $2,000 deductibles. One silver plan (I think in the $450 a month range) had zero deductible, but sky-high copays and all kinds of limitations. Many of the plans only cover “in network” care and don’t pay a penny for anything out of network. And staying in networks can be a big challenge. If you go to an orthopedic surgeon who’s in network, great, but you can easily find out after the fact that the anesthesiologist he used isn’t in your network.

Sticker shock when it comes to premiums, deductibles, and co-pays is going to hit a lot of people between now and January 1st. It already has in California and Alabama, among other states. And there will be a lot more of it as people lose their coverage and have to go onto the Obamacare exchanges.

This is going to make a lot of people very angry, whether they subject themselves to the highway robbery of the new rates, or refuse to get covered and instead pay the fine …er… tax. And they’ll be darned sure to let their (Obamacare-exempt) congresscritter or senator know it, at which point we can point out that not a single Republican voted for this train wreck, and we have solution ready to go, if only they’ll vote us into a majority on Election Day.

Oh, and if those younger, healthier workers decide that it makes much more sense for them to pay the tax than buy a plan on the exchange (BTW, they’re right), Obamacare still falls apart because the revenue from the “Roberts tax” will in no way cover Obamacare’s expenses. They need these people to pay much more than they should for the system to have any chance to work. It’s all about wealth transference.

Do read the rest. I suspect we’re going to see many more stories like this in the days and weeks (and months and years) to come.

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  1. Henshaw says:

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    I don’t think people realized the magnitude of the disaster this legislation is on the road to becoming. People are driving around with “I ❤ ObamaCare" bumper stickers when they have no idea what the bill is or does. They simply like it because they like the President. There are going to be a lot of people hurt by theses changes.

  2. twclark66 says:

    I am hearing that in order for Physicians to bill and receive funds from Obamacare they are being forced to upgrade special software that only works with some type of RFID chip system. So no chip no reimbursement. Something to follow up on.

      • Dan Kurt says:

        In a way it is true. Physicians, if they stay in private practice ( not employed by a Hospital, a Kaiser, etc.) will have to have special, expensive electronic medical records that are open to the government’s view if they want to be paid at the lower government levels of Obamacare otherwise their pay will be docked. Compliance apparently starts sometime in 2014. Also coming down the pike is billing under ICD 10, a nightmare of over 60,000 specific codes, which has a tentative beginning date of October 1, 2014. The current billing is done under ICD 9 which has a manageable circa 12,000 specific codes. Solo practices will have a nearly impossible chance to use ICD 10 successfully as it is so complex professional coders are necessary. Hiring such professionals or paying for off site companies to do the work will financially drain the small scale private medical practices that make up the bulk of so called private practice, solo or few physician practices.

        My sister a retired professor of internal medicine told me that private practice of medicine will be gone within the next three years in the USA. Physicians will become employees of hospitals mainly and most patient contact will be with Nurses and Physician Assistants.

        Dan Kurt

      • twclark66 says:

        Yes, I know, but don’t agree with what they have said.

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