My Obamacare experience

Not mine of course, but fellow Californian Anthony Watts’. You might find his adventures with the “Covered California” web site of interest. Bear in mind that California enthusiastically signed up for Obamacare and runs its own web site, which is *supposed* to be a better experience than the Federal site. Reality, though…

Watts Up With That?

First, apologies to my readers for the diversion from the usual fare, but I’ll point out that this entry is covered under the masthead in the category of “recent news” and there’s a relevant WUWT category.

Since like many of you, I’ve been forced to sign a document (at my radio station where I employed part-time) that confirms I’ve been given another document that advises me of my Obamacare rights, and of course being in tune to the news, I’ve been wondering if the claims about the Obamacare websites are as bad as claimed.

I read an article in the Pittsburgh Tribune “Sebelius visit fails to reassure as health care website glitches persist” that said:

Sebelius, who is making similar trips to cities across the country to spread the word about the website, told the audience of about 100 people that was “open for business.”

“Believe me…

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