Antarctic Sea Ice Didn’t Get The Memo That It Was Supposed To Melt

October 20, 2013

How dare the ice defy Al Gore? Oh, wait. According to a Warmist cited in the article, the heat is just “hiding in the oceans” and could be released at any time. I guess it’s just waiting for the right time to ambush us…

Watts Up With That?

Image Credit: Cryosphere Today – University of Illinois – Polar Research Group

By WUWT Regular Just The Facts

Per the graph above, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent has remained above the 1981 – 2010 “normal” range for much of the last three months and the current positive Antarctic Sea Ice Extent anomaly appears quite large for a planet supposedly on the verge of Dangerous Warming.

Furthermore, in 2013 we had the third most expansive Southern Sea Ice Area measured to date;

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