#Obamacare horror story: Whether you want it or not, you *will* be enrolled

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“A hair-raising tale!”

Right on time for Halloween, you have to check out this Storify from Twitter user “Nied’s Dead Horse.” Having decided to create an account at healthcare.gov to browse the available options, Nied took a look around and closed her browser. She did not pick a plan, she did not enroll, and she was assured by an online rep that she could not be enrolled without actively choosing a plan. Reassured, she logged off.

But something nagged at her, so she logged back on to double check. This is what she found:

Makes you wonder where all those high Medicaid enrollment numbers are coming from, doesn’t it? How many more have been signed up and not told?

Back to Nied, she found she could not remove Medicaid from her “My plans” section. Repeated calls to multiple telephone “help” numbers were useless. They couldn’t tell her whether it was a just web site error or whether she was really enrolled —illegally!— in Medicaid. They couldn’t explain to Nied how this happened and instead just muttered something about a –wait for it– “glitch.” One they’ve known about for days!

This is utterly appalling. This bug-laden web site, which HHS and the White House knew wasn’t ready to go, isn’t just crashing. It’s signing people up for Medicaid (and other programs?) whether they qualify or not — or even want it. And then it won’t let them go.

Was this thing designed by Dr. Forbin?

Think of the possibilities: if it’s signing people up erroneously for Medicaid, is it also assigning browsers to other plans? If a user actually chooses a plan, does Obamacare “helpfully” put them in a different one? Or what about the opposite: you think you’ve signed up for the right plan, then the system drops you and you find yourself unknowingly but illegally without insurance in 2014?

Don’t forget the huge security hole that was just revealed. Between that and the system signing up people for Medicaid whether they want it or not, they don’t need to just fix this system, they need to shut it down entirely and destroy the data before something truly tragic happens.

And, by the way, between you and me? There is no way on God’s green earth that I am logging onto that web site. I was mildly curious before and had considered taking a look, but, after this… Picture me running away, very fast.

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