#Obamacare chronicles: another supporter loses their insurance. Irony or Justice?



You make the call:

Cathy Wagner says she isn’t political and has never written a lawmaker, much less the president, but with Obamacare she felt compelled.

“I really just wanted him to know … I was so hopeful that this plan was going to move us forward, but in fact I think it’s moving us backward,” Wagner said.

Wagner and her husband retired early. She was a nurse for 35 years and championed Obamacare, until she received a letter from her insurance company saying it was canceling her policy.

“I was really shocked … all of my hopes were sort of dashed,” Wagner said. “’Oh my gosh President Obama, this is not what we hoped for, it’s not what we were told.’ “

She was shocked further to learn that for the same coverage she would pay 35 percent more and have a higher deductible.

“Our premium for next year is going up to over $1,000 a month for two of us and we’re two fairly healthy individuals,” Wagner said.

Maybe a bit of both. We’ve seen this before: people who naively put their faith in government to takeover and manage something as complex as healthcare for a nation of 330 million people, amounting to 16% of the national economy, see their dream shattered by implacable economic reality. I suppose what truly makes me sad is that the foolishness of people such as the Wagners is taking the rest of us down with them.

Oh, and the caring response from her representative in the House when asked about the sticker shock the Wagners and so many others are experiencing?

“This is yet the most recent issue,” said U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colorado.

DeGette sits on the committee that oversees Obamacare. She insists the Wagners are the exception, not the rule.

“As we work through all of this I think that a year from now people overall are going to be very, very happy with the way the Affordable Care Act is working,” DeGette said.

In other words, “shut up and learn to like it, suckers.”

PS: Similarly to what I suspect will be many people, Cathy Wagner is now seriously considering doing without insurance. Great job, Mr. President. I hope Cathy and her friends will remember what the Democratic Party has done for them, when election day rolls around.

LINKS: My blog-buddy ST beat me to the punch. Curse you, Eastern Time Zone! Moe Lane comments on DeGette’s “state of denial.”

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