#Obamacare: Cover Oregon reduced to telling people to use a fax to apply

"An Obamacare navigator ready for action"

“An Obamacare navigator ready for action”


KOIN 6 News confirmed Cover Oregon has added dozens of extra fax lines to handle the paper applications being sent in by fax.

On Wednesday, King said they had received about 24,000 paper applications. That number now is closer to 30,000. But many people complained of busy signals when trying to send in their application by fax.

Michael Cox, the Cover Oregon spokesperson, said their office has one fax number but it’s an electronic interface that can handle more than one call at once. When a fax comes in it takes two seconds per page to be transferred into the server.

When the paper applications began, Cover Oregon was only able to take 500 applications per day. It was upped to 1000, and this week increased to 1500 per day.

Cox said he’s absolutely confident Cover Oregon has the capacity to deal with the applications.

Because nothing says “health care of the future” like using technology invented in the 19th century.

(Don’t forget, all those faxed-in applications still have to be entered into the nonfunctional exchange.)

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One Response to #Obamacare: Cover Oregon reduced to telling people to use a fax to apply

  1. Money Jihad says:

    Cool! Harnessing the power of 19th century technology to “solve” a 21st century shit-storm. What’s next, Mr. President–re-open some telegraph lines for us? Please?!

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