#Obamacare: Today’s winner of the “You’ve got your nerve” contest

No way!!

No way!!

Only in the progressive-statist bureaucracy would a merit bonus be given for failure:

The head of Colorado’s state health exchange has asked for an end-of-the-year raise and bonus even though the website has enrolled fewer than half the people who were supposed to purchase health insurance through December.

Patty Fontneau, president and CEO of Connect for Health Colorado, currently earns $190,549. Her chief operating officer and chief financial officer earn $164,800 each.

The salaries are supported by taxpayers.

Fontneau received a $5,000 raise in 2012 and is eligible for annual bonuses of up to 10 percent with salary increases of 3 percent, according to documents from Connect for Health Colorado.

The CEO’s salary increase was discussed among the organization’s board of directors in an October executive session, and it has not yet been granted by the board.

By Ms. Fontneau’s standards, I suppose the head of Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange should be granted her weight in gold.

Maybe we could give them all gold participation stars, instead.

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One Response to #Obamacare: Today’s winner of the “You’ve got your nerve” contest

  1. […] I like it: rewarding people for defying an unjust law. It won’t get through the Democrat-controlled state senate nor past the Democrat governor, but it’s one heck of an appealing idea. And it will give state Republicans another nice club to beat Democrats with in the upcoming elections, especially with the exchange doing so well that its director wants a bonus. […]

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