Proof that we face a climate catastrophe!

"Dressed for snow"

“Dressed for snow”

I mean, it’s snowing in Hawaii:

A winter storm is expected to bring more heavy showers to Maui and the Big Island and snow to Mauna Kea, where flood watches and a winter storm warning are posted. Forecasters say Oahu and Kauai can also expect rainy weather at least through Friday.

The storm system prompted a flash flood watch for Maui, Hawaii island, Lanai, Molokai and Kahoolawe; and a winter storm warning for Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa through 6 a.m. Friday.


Cold air in the upper atmosphere and the increased moisture may bring as much as 6 inches of snow to Big Island summits.

According to a UH Earth Sciences professor, snow in the upper peaks of Hawaii’s mountains is a yearly occurrence, so it’s not unusual, unlike snow in Egypt. But, if the global warming alarmists (like Big Al Gore) were right and we really were causing dangerous climate warming through all the CO2 we’ve been pumping into the atmosphere, wouldn’t snow in the tropics have ceased altogether, or at least notably declined?

Maybe this is just another example of how odd-seeming weather is really natural, and not a sign of impending doom.

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