Al Gore dupes 9000 people in Hawaii, insults the rest

The High Priest of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming has become a living parody. Of himself. How anyone can take this sanctimonious fraud seriously is beyond me.

Watts Up With That?

Climate change is real and getting worse, Al Gore told the packed audience. Image: PF Bentley/Civil Beat

The story below is from from Honolulu Civil Beat, who covered a political rally on April 15th by Gore to 9000 people in Honolulu’s Stan Sheriff Center. It is a 12,500 seat sports auditorium where his voice was amplified by, his slideshow enabled with, and his persona illuminated by and made comfortable with air-conditioning, all made possible by the “dirty energy” electricity generated by fossil fuels that he railed against.

HECO power plant at Kahe Point, powered by oil.

The electricity that enabled Mr. Gore’s rally was courtesy of the oil burning power plants of the Hawaiian Electric Company, such as the HECO power plant at Kahe Point in West Oahu seen at right.

Gore himself once said in a crackpot statement: “there is no such thing as ethical oil.” 


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  1. You know it amazes me liberals insult people and these same people that get insult come to get insulted again. Their even being lied to to. Are these people that come back for more a glutton for punishment or what?

  2. […] Al Gore dupes 9000 people in Hawaii, insults the rest […]

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