Obama’s economic recovery: the chart tells the story

Power Line presents three charts that show what a failure Obama’s statist economic policies have been. Here’s the one that really struck me:


(Click the image for the full-sized version.)

This chart from the US Senate Budget Committee compares the trend in the labor force participation rate, roughly the percentage of the working age population that is either employed or looking for work, during the recovery from recession under both President Reagan and President Obama. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2007 recession began in December of that year. Obama entered office roughly 13 months later. Now, go to that point on both the Reagan (red) and Obama (blue) lines and trace their progress. This shows clearly that Obama’s economic policies have been a nightmare for working people, with hundreds of thousands, at least, just giving up looking for work.

Why on Earth, then, should any responsible citizen wish to vote for any candidate that promises to continue those same devastating policies?

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  1. genomega1 says:

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    Obama’s economic recovery: the chart tells the story

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    I always thought that there was something fishy about the Democrats claiming an economic recovery. There you have it: fewer and fewer people re-entering the workforce.

  3. Money Jihad says:

    Works out fine for the Democrats politically though–makes more & more voters dependent on government programs & guarantees they’ll keep voting for Democrats. Meanwhile, the MSM will keep carrying Obama’s water so the public benefit recipients don’t even realize that Obama is to blame for the non-recovery.

  4. cosmoscon says:

    I guess shovel ready jobs and recovery summers didn’t work.

  5. […] Obama’s economic recovery: the chart tells the story […]

  6. yonason says:

    How dare you criticize dear leader’s wreckonomics!

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