(Video) #Benghazi Rep. Gowdy asks some darned fine questions


"Star rising?"

“Star rising?”

It was recently announced that Congressman Trey Gowdy (R -SC), a former state and federal prosecutor, would  be heading up the forthcoming House Select Committee on the Benghazi massacre. Quite a few of us have been cheering his selection, because, since the massacre, he has shown himself to be a master of the issues at stake and a dogged questioner, unlike most of the so-called press.

And speaking of the press, and courtesy of my blog-buddy ST and Kat McKinley, here’s video of Rep. Gowdy posing some questions to the press. Consider this an appetizer for the main course to come:

Let’s hope, for the sake of an honest media, that at least some in the audience were red-faced at receiving this needed lesson.

Bring on the hearings. smiley popcorn

4 Responses to (Video) #Benghazi Rep. Gowdy asks some darned fine questions

  1. God use Trey Gowdy in a mighty way. May God gives more like him.

  2. Derek Taylor says:

    I am VERY impressed with this gentleman. This is my kind of politician, and I hope he gets the chance to cross-examine the former Secretary of State, that would be something to see.

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