(Video) #Benghazi — why it matters

Aside from owing a true accounting to the memories of the dead lost there and their survivors, the truth about the Benghazi massacre matters because of two words: “competence” and “character.”  Bill Whittle explains:

Remember, one of the two top American officials mentioned in the video plainly desires to be President of the United States. Ignore the faux-outrage of her supporters; questions about Hillary Clinton’s conduct, competence, and character before, during, and after the attack are absolutely appropriate.

And the answers should disqualify her from office.

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2 Responses to (Video) #Benghazi — why it matters

  1. reasonablyliberal1 says:

    The attack in 2006 in Karachi Pakistan killed 4, including a diplomat. It was actually a pretty similar situation to Benghazi. There was no big investigation of it because Republicans refuse to go after other Republicans.

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