What stratospheric hotspot?

An atmospheric “hotspot” was supposed to be one of the indicators of anthropogenic global warming. But, said hot spot never appeared. Now we see the stratosphere has been cooling, which a new paper suggests is a better signal of… global warming. Naturally. Click the link to read more.

Watts Up With That?

There’s no predicted hotspot in the upper troposphere, and cooling of the stratosphere is now the new indicator. New paper finds “greenhouse cooling” of the stratosphere over past 52 years

image On the left is the data collected by millions of weather balloons.xiv On the right is what the climate models say was happening.xv The theory (as per the climate models) is incompatible with the observations. In both diagrams the horizontal axis shows latitude, and the right vertical axis shows height in kilometers. Image from Dr. David Evans

A new paper published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics finds the stratosphere of the Northern Hemisphere cooled over the past 52 years due to the increase of greenhouse gases. The paper suggests that stratospheric cooling is a “more suitable” signal of anthropogenic global warming than trying to find a mid-troposphere hot spot (which was previously considered to be the definitive “fingerprint” of man-made…

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