Another US journalist beheaded by ISIS

Murdered by ISIS

Murdered by ISIS

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The savages of the “Islamic State” have sent another message to the United States:

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit against the backdrop of an arid Syrian landscape, [Steven] Sotloff was threatened in that video with death unless the U.S. stopped airstrikes on the group in Iraq.

In the video distributed Tuesday and entitled “A Second Message to America,” Sotloff appears in a similar jumpsuit before he is beheaded by an Islamic State fighter.

As Bryan Preston of PJ Media points out, our leaders have once again been caught unaware. Maybe they’re still trying to figure out a strategy for dealing with medieval lunatics who are butchering Americans. If Obama and his team are having trouble doing that, let me offer a suggestion:

Hunt these swine down and kill every last one of them.

UPDATE: At the end of the video of Sotloff’s beheading, ISIS shows another captive, Briton David Cawthorne Haines. The implication is clear: unless the US stops its airstrikes, Mr. Haines will be slaughtered like James Foley and Mr. Sotloff.

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3 Responses to Another US journalist beheaded by ISIS

  1. “Hunt these swine down and kill every last one of them.”

    Ouch! I do agree with also.

  2. NO MERCY. May ALL of the World, Mid East, Iran, USA, UK, Combine forces to take them DOWN! For this is BRUTALITY, not of any teachings of any Prophets of GOD! GOD IS MERCIFUL, GOD IS LOVE! Capturing villages, killing all the men, whether Muslims, Christians, then enslaving, selling off their wives & daughters is BARBARIC. NO MERCY to those running it, nor to those who SENT their sons to #ISIL.

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