Excerpt of the Day: Russian paranoia department


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Hoo-boy. It never pays to underestimate Russian paranoia.

In an article at The Weekly Standard regarding Russian media reporting derangement over the conflict with Ukraine, Cathy Young writes:

The derangement extends beyond current events. EJ.ru’s media watch columnist Igor Yakovenko notes that TV commentary on the World War I anniversary was so heavy on rhetoric blaming the war on American machinations that the uninformed viewer could easily assume that the United States was Russia’s main adversary in that conflict. TV-1 also aired a “documentary” exploring the “alternative” theory that Archduke Ferdinand was actually killed by a British sniper acting at the behest of an international conspiracy of Freemasons bent on world domination, which later also engineered the Russian Revolution to prevent Russia from emerging as one of the war’s victors.

All you need is fine art and the Papacy and you have the makings of a Dan Brown novel. Something tells me we’re going to have a hard time convincing the Russian public that it’s in their best interests to pull out of Ukraine.

Not that their leader is big on realism, either.

(The article’s worth reading, by the way.)

4 Responses to Excerpt of the Day: Russian paranoia department

  1. zonkedout1 says:

    Is our leader big on realism?

  2. joncelli says:

    The Okhrana — the Tsarist secret service — wrote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A long way of saying that the Russians are old hands at conspiracy mongering.

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