In a stunning reversal, the Australian Labor Party bails out on the ‘carbon tax’

This is big: the major Center-Left party in Australia has just forsaken a key element of Mankind’s penance for sins against the Earth in the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Al Gore will no be pleased.

Watts Up With That?

Australian Political Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has today stunned observers by reversing his position on a carbon tax – ruling out any future reinstatement of a carbon tax.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald;

“We will not have a carbon tax, the Australian people have spoken and Labor is not going to go back to that,” Mr Shorten told reporters in Sydney on Saturday.

Despite turning his back on a carbon tax, the Labor Opposition Leader continues to back the introduction of a “market based mechanism” for tackling “carbon pollution”.

One of the core platforms of the current Abbott government, which helped propel him to electoral victory last year, was the promised abolition of the deeply unpopular carbon tax.

Until recently, Labor advocated reinstating a carbon tax, pending the negotiation of a market based pricing mechanism, but they now appear to be backing away from carbon pricing, however tentatively…

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4 Responses to In a stunning reversal, the Australian Labor Party bails out on the ‘carbon tax’

  1. It has come to who cares what Gore thinks or throws a hissy fit. people are wising up and don’t want his religious cult but a few.

  2. One has to wonder what the catch is. I do not trust nor believe them. I think this has more to do with attempting to woo voters, after getting the snot beat out of them, first in the Queensland elections (where they lost so many seats that they weren’t even an officially recognized party), then the national elections. If memory serves, they originally said they wouldn’t pass a carbon tax, then, when they got in power, went ahead and passed one.

    • Yeah, I think they’re trying both to find a way out of the hated carbon tax and still pacify their Green base (the article refers to them seeking a vague “market-based pricing mechanism” — a carbon credits market?), but I have to wonder if they can square that circle. And you’re right, Former PM Gillard lied through her pie-hole about not imposing that tax, then doing it.

  3. […] Public Secrets notes that the Aussie Labor party has abandoned their carbon tax […]

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