Dear God. That lackwit John Kerry really did take James Taylor to Paris.

Your Obama foreign policy team

Your Obama foreign policy team

I used to think our national dignity couldn’t sink any lower, nor our embarrassment get any worse, after our foray into “hashtag diplomacy.”

I was wrong:

After enduring a firestorm of criticism for failing to send a high-ranking official to last Sunday’s massive anti-terror rally in France, Secretary of State John Kerry finally made it to Paris on Thursday — where he immediately cemented his reputation as an international laughing-stock.

In perhaps the most pathetic diplomatic apology ever enacted without actually saying “I’m sorry,” Kerry offered a “big hug” to a room full of survivors, family members and first responders involved in the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

And then he trotted out James Taylor, looking on proudly as the 70s-era guitarist serenading the shell-shocked survivors with a soulful rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend.”

I… I… I’ve got nothing. There are no words to describe how monumentally stupid and farcical a move this was. It’s bad enough that we didn’t send any high-ranking official to the rally in Paris, but then to compound our mistake by trotting out a 70s retread singer to lead everyone in a group therapy session? Nearly a score of people were massacred by Muslims waging jihad against everything we stand for, and this buffoon thinks the right response from the Western World’s leading nation is to relive the Summer of Love? Forget “incompetence.” John Kerry should be impeached for humiliating us.

France lies bleeding, and we offer it… a song.

We’ve become an international joke.

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2 Responses to Dear God. That lackwit John Kerry really did take James Taylor to Paris.

  1. The rally in Paris was a (mostly) left wing attempt to distract attention from the fact that Islam is to blame for the massacre. The killers were not “extremists” they were Muslims enforcing Sharia law on so-called “infidels.” Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a dangerous religio-political ideology.The Paris rally sent out the lying message that Islam had nothing to do with Islam. The magazine staff were brutally murdered by Muslims, yet the mainstream media continually refuse to say so, and use euphemisms instead, such as “militants” or “jihadists.” I condemn the brutal murders in France and I believe the killers got what they deserved i.e death. However the magazine editors and cartoonists did not/do not have the right to use the freedom of speech laws to indulge in filth or obscenity which, it appears, they did. They should have aired their disagreements with religion per se without resorting to profane ramblings and cartoons that were unnecessarily offensive. However, one does not have to “offend” Muslims to be in danger of being murdered, because for some Muslims, simply being a non-Muslim is reason enough for an individual to be “marked for death” by them.

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