God Bless Australia

David Leonyhjelm

David Leonyhjelm

It seems some politically correct Australian nanny-stater was upset over Senator David Leyonhjelm’s criticisms of multiculturalism and his defense of the natural right of all humans to voice those criticisms. An “activist” wrote to demand he stop, because multiculturalism was the law, so… shut up!

This was the senator’s reply (below the fold for language):

“Go fuck yourself, you communist turd.”

Australians always have the right words for any occasion. Usually four-letter ones.

RELATED: I’ve noted before how Australia does not have a formal constitutional protection of free speech. In fact, as Senator Leyonhjelm’s correspondent correctly notes, that nation does have speech codes under which a person can be prosecuted. See here for a much more serious example than the correspondence between a constituent and his representative.

via Andrew Klavan

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  1. Got to love the Aussies, ;). I think of them as kindred spirits.

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