Shock study results: Calling climate skeptics ‘deniers’ just pisses them off

I don’t see why it should, just because CBS’ Scott Pelley used the term in a deliberate comparison to Holocaust deniers meant to delegitimize their arguments. How sensitive does one have to be to be upset by that? /sarc

Watts Up With That?

Academics discover civlity –


Guest essay by Eric Worrall

A study into why skeptics are not persuaded by the apocalyptic predictions of broken climate models has concluded that the solution is better communication.
According to the Toronto Star;

““When talking to skeptics it is probably important to focus on aspects that both skeptics and believers have in common rather than the differences between them,” said Ana-Maria Bliuc, a behavioural social scientist at Australia’s Monash University and one of the authors of the study.

As an example, the focus could be on “things like cleaner air, low power consumption, improved public transport, better waste management, efficient agriculture, reforestation … (they) are all in public interest, regardless of position on climate change,” she said.

Improving communication between the two sides of this big divide could be an effective pathway to reaching consensus, said Bliuc.

According to the study abstract;

“Of the…

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