Run, Al, run!!!

The Goracle hates failure!

Fired up! Ready to go!

Oh, tell this means what I think it does:

Democrats are now seriously considering the possibility of Hillary Clinton deciding not to run (I wonder why?), leaving them with a bench consisting of… Who, exactly? Elizabeth Warren? Martin O’Malley? And then…?

No, now is the time for the Man Who Would Save The Earth to lower his sights and save his party. And, in the process, make this traitor-to-Gaea global-warming-denier’s heart leap with joy.

Run, Al. Run.

4 Responses to Run, Al, run!!!

  1. News headline, June 2016: Obama FCC uses new powers to blackout media broadcasts of Clinton / Gore / Warren debate. Subtitle: White House spokesman cites future of Democrat party at stake.

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