Why am I so critical of Rand Paul as a potential nominee?

Honestly, I think every candidate, including those I like, should be subjected to this level of vetting during the primaries. Obama was elected by people who practically declared it a hate-crime to talk about and explore his past. Let’s not do the same thing again, on our side.


Some people have noticed and asked me why I am so aggressively critical of Rand Paul as a potential candidate, and I think it’s only fair that I give an explanation. I’ve made it no secret that I have preferred candidates in this race, but that really isn’t the reason I am so actively interested in pointing our Paul’s deficits (even as compared to several other potential candidates who I see as weak or not preferable: Jeb, Cruz, Christie etc.). The real reason:

Back when Obama started running in 2007, I noticed a concerning phenomenon where he would say things that conflicted with his past positions but a lot of voters and the media refused to challenge them. These new positions clearly weren’t his real views, but they were perceived as such by many uninformed voters. I actively tried to tell my moderate Jewish friends that Obama was not pro-Israel…

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5 Responses to Why am I so critical of Rand Paul as a potential nominee?

  1. I like Rand Paul but I am not that keen on him for president. He hasn’t stood up on issues like Cruz has. I don’t like his stance on Israel. I wouldn’t vote for him. I will admit I do like the way he makes the libs head exploded like Cruz, Carson, Walker done, lol..

    • I think he’s very talented and has a lot to offer, but he’s low on my list for a lot of reasons, including weakness on national security issues (4th amendment, foreign affairs) and some domestic matters (his recent statement on criminal law was bizarre). On the other hand, he’s one of those who gets it about the kudzu-like growth of federal power. Though I’ll vote for him if he’s the nominee, I’d be happiest if he had a long, fruitful career in the Senate.

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