Trump fans can be *so* sensitive…

Fine as long as the mouth stays shut

Just say no.

It’s no secret that I oppose Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency. In fact, it’s my belief that, if nominated, he would be a disaster for the Republican Party and the conservative movement and, if elected, an almost certain disaster for the nation. On Twitter, where one is limited to 140 characters, I’ve been rather blunt. For example:

Flippant of me, to be sure, and even uncharitable. But quite mild compared to what often passes for “opinion” there.

Still, one Trump voter took a wee bit of exception to my remark:

Then he proceeded to take his own advice and block me. A shame, really, since he seemed quite the wit. Oh, well.

In all seriousness, folks, and all joking about having my own Twitter Loony aside, I do think Trump would be a god-awful president. I’ve already been through nearly eight years of one incompetent who’s treated the Constitution and the principles behind it as afterthoughts; I cannot bear the though of 4-8 years under a successor who might outdo him.

Trump is a statist, cronyist, self-dealing egomaniac who should come nowhere near the White House, except maybe as a dinner guest. Yuval Levin was right when he wrote that Trump correctly diagnosed the rot in our political class and the public anger at it, but would prescribe solutions that are even worse. Don’t take my word for it: read National Review’s “Against Trump” symposium. Twenty-two strong conservatives representing three generations and the full range of conservative ideology –from libertarian to neocon, from religious to secular– have come out strongly opposing Trump’s candidacy.

I’ve said before that, with Governor Perry out of the race, it’s up to the other candidates to sell me on why they should be president. Based on what I’ve seen so far, I could happily vote for Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or (less happily, but still easily) Chris Christie. But vote for Donald Trump? No. He is unfit to hold the office.

If Trump is the nominee, I will, for the first time in my voting life, leave that line of my ballot blank. (1)

PS: If “Micky” ever deletes that tweet, you can find  screen capture of it here.

(1) No, that does not mean I must want a Hillary presidency. (My opinion of Hillary Clinton is quite clear.) It means that, in a Trump v. Clinton (or Sanders) race, I would find both candidates so egregiously unacceptable that I could not vote for either in good conscience.


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  1. Matt Miller says:

    What is almost funny about Trump supporters is that we had a chance to have a lot in common. If the argument about politicians is that “they’re all terrible,” then there is a lot of room to work there. What boggles my mind is how inexplicably they make the transition to “they’re all terrible except Trump!” This leaves me completely unable to understand exactly what is it that these folks hate… or love…

    “I’ve already been through nearly eight years of one incompetent who’s treated the Constitution and the principles behind it as afterthoughts; I cannot bear the though of 4-8 years under a successor who might outdo him.”

    This is one of my concerns. It seems likely that, given our national propensity to over-simplify and over-react, after 4 or 8 years of Trump, we would be very unlikely to elect any Republican, and possibly even likely to elect, say, an Elizabeth Warren or some such generally extreme-democrat.

    Counting Obama, Trump and the subsequent anti-Trump, we would go at least 16-24 years without a competent president.

    If Hillary or even Sanders were to win over a Trump, at least we have a chance to elect a worthwhile president in 4 or 8 years.

    Beyond that, Hillary’s brand of corruption and cronyism seems more garden-variety…the sort that, if we have to recover from decades of cronyism, anyway, whats 4 more years of it in the big scheme of things? Sanders wouldn’t have the legislative ability to do anything completely irreversible.

    I worry about the state of the free market under either Clinton or Sanders, particularly the fate of industries like Energy subjected to bureaucratic over-regulation and executive over-reach… but Trump has endorsed more then enough executive over-reach and has indicated a desire to federally micromanage the energy industry in his own right, so what improvement is he in that regard?

    While Sanders or Clinton might try to tear down our economy, Trump has proudly announced his intention to tear it down not only from the inside but also to invite the world to join us in a trade war.

    Even if -(perhaps especially if) -Trump doesn’t mean any of the plain nonsense that he espouses, what about his character or composure makes him seem likely to be a passable leader on any of the impossible-to-anticipate issues which inevitably arise to help shape a presidency?

    Trump strikes me as the far more dangerous potential President in both the short and long terms. I might actually bring myself to cast a vote in favor of Hillary Clinton f the choice is between her and Trump. And the fact that *I* would even contemplate such a thing as voting for Hillary might be the most astonishing of Trump’s accomplishments so far.

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  3. The blind devotion to and boundless adulation for Donald Trump from the Trumpenproletariat is eerily like the blind devotion to and boundless adulation for Barack Obama that that charlatan’s fan club has displayed.

  4. ellenbest24 says:

    Not my place as I am an English woman in ENGLAND. *gravelly whisper* we think he is not right! We or maybe me, feel it would turn progress back thirty years. *whistles* just saying.

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