Phineas Fahrquar is the pseudonym of a 50-something freelance writer specializing in, well, whatever will pay. In the past, I have written for American, Canadian, and British companies and non-profit organizations. My current efforts revolve around writing spec scripts for television dramas. In other words, my attempt at a mid-life crisis, trying to break into TV writing when I’m at an age Hollywood considers already over-the-hill. Forlorn hope? Maybe. But a guy can still dream, can’t he?

I’m also one of those real rarities, a California resident who was actually born here. I’ve lived in both the southern and northern parts of the state and, though I’ve been resident in Los Angeles for over 20 years, my heart is still in Northern California. There are few places more wonderful than the north coast in the fog and rain, the Sierras on a crisp Spring morning, or San Francisco anytime.

Politically, I define myself as a Right-liberal, as opposed to “conservative.” Too many times, the words “conservative” and “liberal” are nothing more than meaningless epithets to be hurled as insults. The US is a liberal nation, the question is what end of the spectrum does one fall on? I believe in judicial restraint, the rule of law, federalism, free markets, a strong military, and an assertive foreign policy unafraid to pursue American interests (democracy, free trade, individual liberty), which I think are good for the world as a whole.

So, why’d I start blogging? I blame Osama bin Laden. Seriously. While I’ve always had a deep interest in History and foreign affairs, when this refugee from a medieval lunatic asylum decided that thousands of us had to die to achieve his sick vision of Paradise, I realized just how ignorant I was of Islam and the history of the Middle East. It also challenged me to define just who I am: Osama and his jihadist buddies have said they want to destroy us (me) for what we are — and I am. Nothing quite focuses the mind as someone saying he wants to get to Heaven over your corpse, so I did what I’ve always done: read. I’ve read the Qur’an and the oldest biography of Muhammed. I’ve read histories of the US and the Middle East. I’ve read extended essays on America’s long-term foreign policy and what makes us different from our cousins in Europe. I’ve delved into Classical History, seeking the roots of our civilization in Greece and Rome. I’ve always been an avid reader, but the crisis brought on by 9-11 and the renewed jihad took what had been just interest and shaped it with a series of questions: Who are we? Are we worth defending? Who are they? Are they worth fighting? What is it about us that they hate, and what is it about them that makes them hate us? And, to quote Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?

So, having read, I needed to talk. But most people don’t want to delve deeply into what’s frightens them, so they avoid the topic. Blogging lets me talk about these topics all I want, plus gab about other things of interest. People can read and comment all they like, but at least I can get some of this off my chest, out in the front of my mind where I can try to sort it out.

Good heavens — my blog is my shrink! I hope you enjoy watching me undergo analysis. ๐Ÿ™‚

COMMENTS POLICY: Just a brief word about comments. I usually won’t reply to comments you leave: the comments section is for you. And comments are unedited. I won’t delete anything other than threats or truly egregious foul-mouthed rants and bigoted BS, but try to keep it clean. At the same time, a comment’s appearance here in no way implies my endorsement. You’re responsible for what you write, not me.

CONTACT: You can use the following contact form to reach me.

19 Responses to About

  1. 247things says:

    I really like your blog and have added a link to it from my blog. Hope you’ll do the same for me. Thanks.

  2. 247things says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include my link. http://247things.wordpress.com

  3. Sloshed Brewster says:

    I knew your mother, Sirius.

    Who HASNT heard of Sirius Mother Fahrquar ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Norma says:

    Hi. Very Interesting.
    Sloshed just insulted you. Not nice Sloshed.By the way do you have to be Sloshed to blog, Brewster?

  5. Gary Larreategui says:

    Nice blog – but why is Benjamin Harrison your founder?

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Oddly enough, he’s alawys been a favorite of mine, being the last bearded president, and all.

      But I also decided he bore a strong resemblance to what Phineas Fahrquar would look like, were he real. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Duke DeStefano says:

    Thanks.Looking forward to getting your emails

  7. Raymond Cartier says:

    Sign me up please.

  8. Mary says:

    Your description of yourself right-liberal strikes a chord with me. Looking forward to your posts. It is lonely (politically speaking) living in Greenwich Village surrounded by mouthy Liberals.

  9. 500magnum007 says:

    I like your blog and beliefs. I ‘m a California native both from Los Angeles been living near the Sacramento area for 35 years!

    Sometimes I wonder, if we could have saved all that we put in to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think, we could have fought a more worthy opponent in Syria and Russia…..

  10. LovinLucy says:

    Actually was searching for the photo of Odumbbacare Act (upon first hearing of it, I termed it that, as have many others I’m sure. lol) on how high it was in hard copy stacked against the wall, and the search brought up your link as having the photo, and as they say….. the rest is history! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So glad to find another who is of the same type of thinking as I, in relation to what our country is REALLY about, rather than what beauracrats want to make it, and have begun the process of doing.

    Looking forward to reading your blog, and will go through the “Shrinking” with you. Maybe we’ll both be shrunk then! Lol

    Seriously, thank you for seeing our FOUNDING FATHERS true reasoning behind the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and knowing it absolutely is NOT Obsolete or written in hidden language, it means what it says and says what it means!

    Kudos to you from another FREE THINKER!

  11. Todd Lemmon says:

    I’ve been reading the spec scripts for comedies on the 2104 Blacklist that I got from my friend Andy Bobrow who wrote for Malcom in the Middle and Community before heading over to be head writer guy on the new Will Forte comedy. Andy’s taught me a lot. A lot of stuff he learned from Dan Harmon and Linwood Boomer. And I still know next to nothing. The encouraging (maybe) thing is how BAD most of the scripts are that are in the blacklist. Almost unbelievable. Incredibly, one of the very worst I read turned out to be a new comedy now on the air. It’s that Kate Walsh monstrosity, Bad Judge, or some such nonsense. Anyway, from reading the crap I read, I can only hope there is hope for us (I’m over 50 as well). Andy’s our age and he’s a great TV writer. What have you written? I’m curious. Onward!
    Todd Lemmon

    • And, not coincidentally, Bad Judge was cancelled. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My partner and I write drama, mostly cop shows, with some science fiction. All spec, nothing sold yet. But we have hope. ๐Ÿ™‚


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