US kills 150 jihadis in one strike. Also, happy graduation!!

March 7, 2016


With the news from our own election so… depressing, I am not ashamed to admit that this news gives me great joy:

The United States carried out an air strike in Somalia over the weekend that killed approximately 150 militants belonging to the terror group al Shabaab, the Pentagon said Monday.

The air strike was carried out Saturday at the al Qaeda-linked terror group’s “Raso” training facility, which is located about 120 miles north of the Somali capital Mogadishu, Reuters reported. U.S. officials said that the fighters were training for a large-scale attack against American Special Operations forces and their allies in the region.

“We know they were going to be departing the camp and that they posed an imminent threat to U.S. and to Amisom, African Union mission in Somalia forces, that are in Somalia,” Capt. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said.

The best part, though? It was graduation day:

It is believed that the al Shabaab operatives were struck during a graduation ceremony, the New York Times reported. One official said that the fighters were “standing outdoors in formation.”

Very helpful of them, and I hope it was during the valedictorian’s speech.

President Obama should learn from President Myung-bak

January 21, 2011

Yes, Obama used deadly force against Somali pirates, too, but it’s the attitude of the South Korean president he needs to emulate:

In a daring high-seas rescue, South Korean navy commandos today stormed a freighter that’s been held hostage for a week in the Arabian Sea, killing eight Somali pirates and freeing 21 crew members.

Five other pirates were captured. The ship’s captain was shot in the stomach by the pirates, but he’s expected to survive, South Korea said.

“Our special forces stormed the hijacked Samho Jewelry earlier today and freed all hostages,” Colonel Lee Bung-woo, a spokesman for South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, told The Guardian and other reporters in Seoul. “During the operation, our forces killed some Somali pirates, and all of the hostages were confirmed alive.”

South Korea’s president went on national TV to laud the commandos’ success and warn any pirates against trying to hijack ships in the future.

“We will not tolerate any behavior that threatens the lives and safety of our people in the future,” President Lee Myung-bak said.

And that is how a national leader stands up for his country. Barack Obama’s diffidence is all too palpable, even when he does the right thing.

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Jihad and immigration

December 14, 2010

Sweden recently found itself a target for Islam’s jihad against the West everyone else, but, before that, it had become a locus for jihad recruitment among emigrant Muslims. At Big Peace, Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism looks at terrorist connections in Sweden, particularly among immigrant  Somalis:

Somali’s al-Shabaab recently issued a new recruitment video, targeting international jihadists and particularly Somali youth living abroad. In a Swedish-language section, former Swedish resident Abu Zaid called on his audience to “make Hijra,” to immigrate to Somalia. Drawing his finger across his throat, Abu Zaid also threatened cartoonist Lars Vilks, whose drawings of the Prophet Muhammad have led to death threats that now keep Vilks living in seclusion. “Know what awaits you, as it will be nothing but this, slaughter,” Zaid told the Swedish listeners, “If you can, kill this dog Lars Vilks. Then you will receive a great reward from Allah.”

Some of the approximately 25,000 Somalis living in Sweden have responded to al-Shabaab’s call. Police and residents report that roughly 20 youth left to join the terrorist group, particularly from the heart of the Swedish Somali community, Stockholm’s suburb of Rinkeby. The Swedish state security police, SAPO, stated that five of them have been killed and 10 are still at large in Somalia. Al-Shabaab recruitment was also linked by Swedish authorities to a Somali youth center in Rinkeby, which had been receiving funds from the Swedish government. In addition, two Somali immigrants, one from Stockholm and another from Gothenburg, recently received 4 year sentences for planning to go and fight with al-Shabab.

Somalia is in danger of turning into a new Afghanistan: a failed state that is fertile ground for al Qaeda and other Salafist groups. Indeed, one of Somalia’s major jihad groups, al Shabab, has aligned with al Qaeda and is recruiting among Somalis in the United States. The recruitment has been focused on bringing people back to fight in Somalia, but it would be naive to discount the possibility of Somali recruits waging jihad here in America at some point in the future.

Articles like these bring home the dangers of radicalism in immigrant Muslim communities: many of the 9/11 hijackers were students in Germany. The tube bombers in Britain and the jihadists who attacked the Glasgow airport were British Muslims, either immigrants themselves or the children of immigrants. The suicide bomber in the Stockholm attack was apparently radicalized in the British town of Luton, a known hotbed of extremism.  Here in the US, the Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was a naturalized citizen from Pakistan.

All this reminds us of the need for effective counterintelligence. While it would be wrong and unjust to make a blanket assumption that all Muslim immigrants are terrorists or likely recruits for jihad, it would be an act of deep denial and politically correct blindness to refuse to see the potential for radicalization of at least some among those immigrants and watching for the signs. That means both developing contacts and informants among the Muslim community and planting undercover operatives at known radical mosques. Yes, that’s distasteful –as it should be– but it’s also necessary for our own defense in an age of terrorism and war.

Otherwise we’re going to be left asking the same stupid questions about what happened and why, when the answers are right before us, if we would only look.

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Dumb Crooks of the Month, international edition

April 1, 2010

An important safety tip for all would-be pirates: it is perhaps not conducive to your long-term (or even short term) career success and personal well-being to shoot at a US Navy warship when you’re in a skiff.

Compare and contrast.

American Navy frigate USS Nicholas:

Representative Somali pirates in skiff:

We used to call this “evolution in action.”

(via The Jawa Report)

Religion of mercy: kill the mother after the baby is born

November 6, 2009

This is life under Islamic law –sharia– the blessings of which the jihadis of al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other allied salafist groups want to bring to us all:

Abas Hussein Abdirahman, 33, was killed in front of a crowd of some 300 people in the port town of Merka.

An official from the al-Shabab group said the woman would be killed after she has had her baby.

Islamist groups run much of southern Somalia, while the UN-backed government only control parts of the capital.

This is the third time Islamists have stoned a person to death for adultery in the past year.

Al-Shabab official Sheikh Suldan Aala Mohamed said Mr Abdirahman had confessed to adultery before an Islamic court.

“He was screaming and blood was pouring from his head during the stoning. After seven minutes he stopped moving,” an eyewitness told the BBC.

The BBC’s Mohammed Olad Hassan in Mogadishu says that if the woman is also killed, her baby would be given to relatives to look after.

Al-Shabab’s concern for the welfare of the child is touching.

The President of Somalia (or, what’s left of it) decried the stoning:

Meanwhile, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has accused al-Shabab of spoiling the image of Islam by killing people and harassing women.

“Their actions have nothing to do with Islam,” said the moderate Islamist…

Bunk. Just ask the Iranians, who stone women and execute gays as prescribed by sharia law. Just ask the Saudis, who whip rape victims. Just ask the Jordanians, who refused to pass a law against honor killings because it would go against religion. (And they meant Islam, in case you didn’t guess.) It is part and parcel of Islam, as attested by the hadith in the Sahih Buhkari, one of the most revered collections of hadiths in Islam:

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

‘Umar said, “I am afraid that after a long time has passed, people may say, “We do not find the Verses of the Rajam (stoning to death) in the Holy Book,” and consequently they may go astray by leaving an obligation that Allah has revealed. Lo! I confirm that the penalty of Rajam be inflicted on him who commits illegal sexual intercourse, if he is already married and the crime is proved by witnesses or pregnancy or confession.” Sufyan added, “I have memorized this narration in this way.” ‘Umar added, “Surely Allah’s Apostle carried out the penalty of Rajam, and so did we after him.”

(What is a hadith?)

The difference between “moderate” Islamists and full-throated Islamists is one of degree, not kind.

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Let’s get 18th-century on those pirates

April 15, 2009

I must be feverish. Ron Paul actually had an idea I agree with: issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal, effectively licensing privateers to go after the pirates.

It would be kind of cool….


Somali pirate to be tried as a juvenile??

April 14, 2009


There’s been no decision yet, but some scholars and advocates concerned about the opinion of the "international community" are arguing that a pirate who attacked a US-flag vessel and threatened to kill a hostage should be tried in our juvenile courts because he was under 18 at the time:

Jo Becker, a D.C.-based advocate for Human Rights Watch, said if the pirate suspect is in fact 16 or 17 years old, "he would certainly be entitled to protections under international law that allow for lower culpability of juveniles involved in crimes."

Becker says international law recognizes that people under 18 are "less developed, less mature, and more easily manipulated by adults."

Ideally, Becker said, an underage suspect would be tried in a juvenile court, with special protections given his age. "He would need to have access to family members. Throughout the whole process, there needs to be a special view to his rehabilitation," she added.

Kenneth Randall, dean of the University of Alabama School of Law, said the suspect’s age may not affect where or how he is charged, but is likely to impact his eventual sentence.

"When it comes to international attention, they do have to be mindful of the mitigating circumstances of his age," said Randall.

Oh, please. There are light-years of difference in the development of, say, a 12-year old and someone who’s 18. People in their late teens are often stupid, but they still can judge right from wrong and make an intelligent decision about a course of action. They are responsible for what they do and should be held accountable for adult actions they take — such as hijacking a cargo ship and threatening to kill the captain. And this doesn’t even take into account the fact that the thug grew up in Somalia, where you don’t get the extended childhood we afford our young: by the time he’s hit his late teens there, he’s an adult, and for his crimes he should be tried as one and face the penalties of an adult. He no more a child than any 18-year old we signs up for military service.

The idea of trying this punk in juvenile court brings to mind Charles Dickens’ Mr. Bumble, who said in Oliver Twist, "If the law supposes that… the law is a ass."

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Warning: unbridled national pride

April 12, 2009

A video about Navy SEAL snipers:

SEALs 4, Pirates 0. We are so cool. Applause

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Excellent news

April 12, 2009

Captain Phillips has been rescued, and three of the four pirates holding him hostage have been sent to Hell courtesy of the United States Navy:

The captain of the Maersk Alabama was freed Sunday after being held captive since Wednesday by pirates off the coast of Somalia, a senior U.S. official with knowledge of the situation told CNN.

The official said Capt. Richard Phillips is uninjured and in good condition, and that three of the four pirates were killed. The fourth pirate is in custody. Phillips was taken aboard the USS Bainbridge, a nearby naval warship.

I said I’d give President Obama credit where he earned it, and this is one of those times: well done, Mr. President. That is how a commander-in-chief acts.


That’s how you handle the problem

November 19, 2008

Indian navy sinks suspected pirate ‘mother ship’

An Indian naval vessel sank a suspected pirate "mother ship" in the Gulf of Aden and chased two attack boats into the night, officials said Wednesday, as separate bands of brigands seized Thai and Iranian ships in the lawless seas.

The owners of a seized Saudi oil supertanker, meanwhile, negotiated for the release of the ship, anchored off the coast of Somalia.

A multinational naval force has increased patrols in the waters between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa, where pirates have grown bolder and more violent. The force scored a rare success Tuesday when the Indian warship, operating off the coast of Oman, stopped a ship similar to a pirate vessel described in numerous bulletins. The Indian navy said the pirates fired on the INS Tabar after the officers asked to search it.

"Pirates were seen roaming on the upper deck of this vessel with guns and rocket propelled grenade launchers," said a statement from the Indian navy. Indian forces fired back, sparking fires and a series of onboard blasts — possibly due to exploding ammunition — and destroying the ship.

They chased one of two speedboats shadowing the larger ship. One was later found abandoned. The other escaped, according to the statement.

It used to be that pirates could be hanged on the spot, but the situation under international law has grown so ludicrous that the Royal Navy has been told not to capture pirates for fear they might claim asylum.

The other problem is that the piracy off East Africa is not done just for the money itself, but to fund jihadjihad al-mal, or "monetary jihad." At least some of the ransoms they are paid find their way to al-Shabaab, a Somali jihadist organization that has close ties to al Qaeda. Thus ship owners buying back their vessels are giving alms to our deadly enemies. Smart. Very smart. Doh

Of course, piracy in the name of Allah is an old Islamic tradition. Back in Jefferson’s time, we knew how to handle it. The Indian Navy has given us a needed reminder.

(hat tip: The Jawa Report)

LINKS: Ed Morrissey; Everett Pyatt calls for a surge against piracy.


Religion of misogyny watch

November 12, 2008

Three incidents to illustrate the life of women under Islam:

In Afghanistan, two girls were seriously injured by battery acid thrown at them by brave, brave Taliban jihadis. Their crime? They were trying to get an education.

"We were on the way to school when two men on motorbikes stopped next to us. One of them threw acid on my sister’s face. I tried to help her and then they threw acid on me too," said Latefa, a 16-year-old student.

"We were shouting and people came to see what was going on, then the two men escaped," she said.
Latefa, who did not give her family name, was hurt and Shamsia, her 18-year-old sister, remains in a serious condition with acid burns across her face.

Girls were banned from attending schools under the Taliban government, which ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

Women were also not allowed to leave the house without a male family member escorting them.

(via The Jawa Report)

Meanwhile, in Somalia, a thirteen year old girl was stoned to death for the crime of fornication — after she had been the victim of a rape:

This was a death foretold. A Toyota pickup with a loudspeaker began an early-morning tour of the ruined neighbourhoods of Kismayo, a port in southern Somalia, announcing that there would be a killing. By 4pm a crowd of 1,000 people had gathered at the football stadium. A hole had been dug in the ground, and half an hour later a truck loaded with rocks arrived.

A group of fighters from the Al-Shabab militia who control the city appeared, firing warning shots into the air to disperse a crush of people trying to reach the stones.

A young girl was dragged into the stadium. She knew what was going to happen next, and witnesses saw her struggling and screaming.

"What do you want from me?" she asked. Then she shouted "I’m not going, I’m not going. Don’t kill me."

But four men forced her into the hole and buried her up to her neck. Fifty men then set about stoning her to death. After 10 minutes she was dug up and two nurses checked to see if she was alive. She was. So they put her back in the ground and the stoning recommenced.

Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow’s crime was to be raped and then report it. After being attacked by three men her family went to the Al-Shabab Islamist militia to report the crime. She was detained and accused of adultery. No effort was made to identify or arrest the rapists.

(via Verum Serum)

Finally, in Iraq, the jihadis of al Qaeda, the Knights of Allah, made a "martyr" of a 13-year old girl by turning her into a suicide bomber:

A 13-year-old girl became Iraq’s latest suicide bomber today, killing four people at a security checkpoint in the town of Baquba.

On a day of renewed violence, at least 31 people were killed in a double bombing at a Baghdad market, the deadliest attack to rock the Iraqi capital in months. The attackers first detonated a car bomb in the Sunni district of Adhamiyah, hitting a minibus carrying girls to school. As a crowd gathered to help the girls, a suicide bomber ran in and blew himself up.

The Interior Ministry said that 31 people were killed and 71 wounded in the deadliest to hit Baghdad since June 17 when 51 people were killed in a car bombing in the Al-Hurriya district.

In the Baquba attack, the girl blew herself up at a checkpoint manned by members of the Sunni Muslim ‘Awakening’ councils, which have led the fight against al-Qaeda in Iraq. Four men, including a leading Sunni militiaman, were killed and 15 civilians wounded.

Witnesses said that the Baghdad attack took place at about 8am (0500 GMT) on a street lined with restaurants and coffee shops popular with Iraqi security forces, as a bus carrying young girls to school drove past.

Typical of al Qaeda, they’ve often struck when they knew other children were nearby.

Some would argue that this doesn’t represent Islam and women’s place in it. On the contrary, I think these are merely the most brutal examples of women’s life under Islamic law, what happens to them when they don’t submit. Muslim men who treat women as inferiors, as property, to be brutalized if need be, find their justification in the Qur’an, in the hadiths, and in sharia law. To understand this better, read Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s two books, The Caged Virgin and Infidel, and click on this link to see all articles dealing with women on this site. Follow this to learn about the phenomenon of honor-killing.

UPDATE: And here’s another, this time involving violence by a Muslim man toward a non-Muslim woman who didn’t know her place.


Nailed another one

January 10, 2007

It looks like the US strike in Somalia sent a local al-Qaeda leader to Paradise for his virgins sooner than he expected:

United States forces launched a third consecutive day of air strikes in Somalia on Wednesday as a Somali government official said one of three al-Qaeda suspects targeted by the raids was believed to have been killed.

The official said the operation was understood to have killed an al-Qaeda militant thought to be behind the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 224 people in all.

"I have received a report from the American side chronicling the targets and list of damage. One of the items they were claiming was that Fazul Abdullah Mohammed is dead," said Abdirizak Hassan, the Somali president’s Chief of Staff.

Mohammed was reportedly killed during the first wave of attacks on Monday, when US AC-130 planes attacked targets around Ras Kamboni, in the south of the country, he said.

The suspect is thought to have been one of the key targets of the US strikes, along with Abu Taha al-Sudani, a Sudanese explosives expert believed to head al-Qaeda operations in East Africa, and Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, a Kenyan.

It was not known whether either of the other two men had been killed, the official added.

We can only hope.

Naturally, the article has to end on a critical note:

But analysts said it remained an enormous challenge to establish the whereabouts of suspected al-Qaeda cells or to carry out an accurate strike against them, given the limitations of the AC-130.

"It’s akin to the heart of darkness, just shooting into the jungle," said Bob Baer, a former CIA agent. "At the end of the day, you are just making more enemies." —

There are three flaws in this assumption: first, it’s an assumption. There’s no indication that Mr. Baer (the model for George Clooney’s character in Syriana) actually knows the situation on the ground in Somalia, or just how the strikes were carried out. A known critic of Administration policy, he was probably sought out precisely for a negative quote.

Second, while I don’t know Mr. Baer’s specific intent when saying "you are just making more enemies," many critics who believe this also believe that the hatred of the Islamists for America and the West is somehow our fault: colonialism, racism, interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, support for Israel… pick your favorite. But this is nonsense. The various reasons they cite are no more than window-dressing to justify an aggressive ideology that offers non-Muslims three choices: a) become Muslim; b) submit to second-class status as dhimmis; c) or suffer attack and death. The "blame the victim" argument also fails to account for the thousands of Muslims killed by jihadi terrorism in Muslim countries or the many attacks launched in countries that have not supported the US "war on terror," such as Indonesia.

Finally, the "anything we do makes more" crowd ignores the decades-long growth of anti-Western, Islamist ideology and the thousands of people who have been raised and trained to hate America and the West long before we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. From the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920s and its descendents Hamas and al-Qaeda, through the millenarian Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the empowerment of Saudi Wahhabism with petrodollars to fund radical madrassas that have churned out thousands of would-be jihadis, radical Islam has been building as a threat for a long, long time. Their war with us does not depend on what we do: it is simply for who we are.

In the end, contrary to Mr. Baer and the apparent editorial point of the article’s author, the operations in Somalia are exactly what we should be doing: taking the war to the enemy to keep him off-balance. It’s what Mr. Bush has dubbed the  "forward strategy of freedom." And if we don’t pursue it our enemies will come after us again and again.

LINKS: More on this at The Captain’s Quarters, Gateway Pundit, and The Jawa Report.