It’s time to stop the climate scare stories

September 23, 2014

It’s long past time to stop with the scare stories. And there’s a reason we call them “climate alarmists:” sowing fear is the only way they can cover for their lack of a rational argument.

Watts Up With That?

Using faulty computer models to forecast climate chaos condemns millions to untimely deaths

shark-global-warmingGuest opinion by Dr. Willie Soon and Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi sensibly refuses to attend yet another climate summit – this one called by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in New York for September 23, under the auspices of the United Nations, which profits handsomely from the much-exaggerated climate scare.

Environmentalists have complained at Mr. Modi’s decision not to attend. They say rising atmospheric CO2 will cause droughts, melt Himalayan ice and poison lakes and waterways in the Indian subcontinent.

However, the UN’s climate panel, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has already had to backtrack on an earlier assertion that all the ice in the Himalayas would be gone within 25 years, and the most comprehensive review of drought trends worldwide shows the global land area under drought has fallen throughout…

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Global warming headline of the year

February 28, 2012

And it’s only February:

Yes, so powerful is the effect of a trace gas that serves mainly as plant food, that it can make the world cooler while simultaneously causing dangerous warming. Call it a one-stop shop for natural disasters, all of which can be reliably blamed on Mankind, and the only solution to which is greater governmental control (1) over our economies and daily lives.

Next up: man-caused climate change causes sun to rise in West and Barack Obama to become a fan of the free market.

Global warming — is there nothing it can’t do?

And is there any way the climate alarmists could make themselves look more fatuous and desperate? Why, yes, there is.

Hat-tip to  WUWT, which notes the headline has since changed, probably out of embarrassment. And here’s a link to the original Georgia Tech press release, which climate-hysteric “journalists” predictably screwed up.

(1) Especially by transnational bureaucracies answerable to no one and supported by global taxes. Winning!

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Global warming and volcanoes: game, set, match

April 16, 2010

Replying at Watt’s Up With That? to an article at the Scientific American web site claiming that the disappearance of glaciers due to global warming would lead to an increase in volcanic eruptions, geologist Steven Goddard provides a rebuttal and declares that theory to be bovine excrement:

The geothermal gradient of the earth is typically about 40°C per km, so a 0.5°C change in temperature is equivalent to a depth change of about 20 metres.  Near mid-ocean ridges this gradient is steeper, so the equivalent depth change in Iceland would be less than 20 metres.  Is it credible that a 0.5°C decrease in the melting point could stimulate excess volcanic activity?  Short answer – no. Volcanic activity is caused by magma rising to the surface, not glaciers melting.  However, the loss of the glaciers would reduce the amount of steam and ash generated.  Ash is formed when magma is cooled and fractured by steam.  So the loss of the glaciers would reduce the size of the steam/ash cloud and make the Iceland volcanoes behave more like Hawaii volcanoes.

In short, the loss of all ice in Iceland would make the volcanoes less destructive.

Read the whole thing for a good lesson in igneous petrology and volcanology.

UPDATE: More from Goddard, who explains that it’s not that climate change causes volcanoes, it’s that volcanoes can cause climate change.

Global Warming alarmist headline of the day

August 24, 2009

I  expect better than this from a journal as good as New Scientist:

Global warming could change Earth’s tilt

OMG!! WTF?!?! We’ve got to start dumping lime into the oceans and firing sun-reflecting pollutants into the atmosphere NOW!!1!1!

Erm… Not so fast, Doc. If you read a bit further into the article, you find it’s no big deal:

The team found that as the oceans warm and expand, more water will be pushed up and onto the Earth’s shallower ocean shelves. Over the next century, the subtle effect is expected to cause the northern pole of Earth’s spin axis to shift by roughly 1.5 centimetres per year in the direction of Alaska and Hawaii.

The effect is relatively small. “The pole’s not going to drift away in a crazy manner,” Landerer notes, adding that it shouldn’t induce any unfortunate feedback in Earth’s climate.

Emphasis added.

“Could,” “may,” “might” — these are all weasel words global warming alarmists love to use to encourage us to let government take control of huge sections of the economy, all to fight a problem that does not exist. It’s the language of the con job, which is fitting since Anthropogenic Global Warming is the biggest confidence game since Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower.

Shame on New Scientist.

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