(Video) 1948 cartoon: “Make Mine Freedom!”

July 7, 2014

Here’s a neat animated short from almost 70 years ago that does a darned good job showing the differences between a society based on individual liberty and the free market, on the one hand, and those based on statism (Socialism, Communism, and Fascism) on the other. It makes good use of humor to get its point across:

Nowadays, I think we could add another “-ISM” to that patent medicine’s list of ingredients: the religious totalitarianism of Islamism.

Via Dan Mitchell, this was part of good post on how the Left was wrong about unemployment insurance.

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Inevitable: Rick Perry gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

September 8, 2011

And what he does to poor Mitt — youch!

via Politico:

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Bin Laden’s death, the Taiwanese animated rendition

May 2, 2011

Taiwan’s NMA TV wasted no time getting out its special report on Osama’s end. We at Public Secrets think this may be the definitive version:

Can’t wait for the director’s cut!

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The animated sex poodle

June 25, 2010

Most news stations would just read a report of the sex-assault allegations against Al Gore, or maybe have a newsman report “from the scene.”

But in Taiwan, they go one step further: an animated recreation. Really:

Weird. Loved the fire in the eyes, though. Nice touch.

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