City busting Earth Grazer Asteroid imminent near miss – just discovered 2 weeks ago

October 24, 2015

If climate cultists want to worry about a real threat, instead of their imaginary demon CO2 and anthropogenic climate change, then here is a candidate. If we had any sense, we’d be pouring a lot more money into asteroid tracking and technology for possibly diverting them. This is a real threat to man’s future on Earth.

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From the “bigger worries than global warming” department:

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Yet another indication that Asteroids are a far more serious threat than climate change. NASA scientists have just in the last few weeks detected a previously unknown Asteroid, a quarter of a mile across, approaching at an unusually high speed of 35km / second, which is due to narrowly miss the Earth on 31st October this year. The asteroid will only approach within 1.3 lunar distances of Earth, so this particular body poses no threat – but in terms of the scale of the solar system, this upcomming event counts as a very near miss. This asteroid is a wakeup call, a reminder of just how vulnerable we are to catastrophic impacts, and how little warning we might receive if such a threat were detected.

According to NASA;

2015 TB145

2015 TB145 was discovered on 2015 Oct…

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Bigger problems than global warming – NASA discovers 8 new dangerous near Earth asteroids

January 19, 2015

Now here’s something worth worrying about, rather than a trace gas that functions mostly as plant food. If people worried about human survival were serious, they’d be pushing for more money to track and possibly deflect dangerous asteroids.

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall-

chelyabinsk-meteor The Chelyabinsk meteor, possibly caused by a near Earth Asteroid

In 2013, NASA decided to take time out from creating spectacularly useless climate models, and reactivated their Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer programme. The result is moderately terrifying – 8 previously unknown near Earth asteroids with catastrophic impact potential have been discovered, along with a host of smaller bodies which have the potential to wipe out a city.

According to The Register;

In December 2013, NASA re-activated the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) and in the twelve months since the project discovered three new comets and 40 previously-unknown near-earth objects, eight of which have Earth-bonking potential.

The JPL website contains more information about the discoveries of various space survey projects;

“WISE was launched into a low-Earth orbit in December 2009, and surveyed the full sky in four infrared wavelength bands (3.4, 4.6, 12…

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26 multi-kiloton nuclear sized explosions detected in Earth’s atmosphere since 2001

April 19, 2014

If people want to worry about a real threat to humanity, maybe they should “keep watching the sky” and worry about asteroids, not the “monster under the bed” of global warming.

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The biggest threat to humanity, far bigger than global warming/climate change, is about to get bigger, much bigger

chelyabinsk-asteroid-fireball The chelyabinsk asteroid fireball, a “near-Earth object” (NEO), an asteroid (likely made of rock) between 15 and 20 meters across (about the length of a school bus), which just happened to arrive in the same place as planet Earth that morning. The mass of the object was about 10 thousand tons. It struck the atmosphere moving at about 40,000 MPH (more than double the speed of the Space Shuttle).

A press release from some former NASA astronauts on the current asteroid impact threat to earth, based on data on in-atmosphere detonations since 2001, gleaned from a nuclear weapon detonation detection system has yielded some startling numbers.

The threat is 3 to 10 times higher than previously predicted. The data will be presented at the Seattle Flight Museum, Tuesday April 22, at 6:00pm…

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