Rule 5 Friday: Beauty Appreciation Day, Brunette Division

June 22, 2012

Because, at the end of a long work-week filled with infuriating news both foreign and domestic, who couldn’t stand to relax a bit and contemplate some of the beauty that’s in our world?

I feel calmer, already.

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PS: I’m pretty sure this is model Denise Milani, but not 100%. Can anyone say for certain?

Rule 5 Friday, National Cleavage Day edition

March 30, 2012

Let it never be said that we at Public Secrets Global HQ failed to honor an important occasion:

The model is Jordan Carver, an America-loving model who’s been featured here before. We’re happy to make her the Public Secrets spokesmodel for this significant event.

Background: I logged into Twitter this morning to find all sorts of posts (1) about #NationalCleavageDay and many women I follow (2) using cleavage shots for their avatars. Since I’m sure no one would want to see my cleavage, I figured this was the best way to play along.

You’re welcome.

PS: Rule 5 explained.

(1) I just can’t bring myself to say “tweets” or “I tweeted.”
(2) No, not in a creepy stalker sense. “Following” is how you subscribe to people’s tweets posts. Really, what kind of person do you think I am?

Rule 5 Friday: Jordan Carver loves America, and we love her

October 21, 2011

Jordan is a model (no, really?) born in Germany who now lives in Los Angeles. And, showing excellent taste, she thinks American men are the best:

BP: Since it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS that American men are the best in the world – what are the top ways we beat our international competition?

JC: Lol Yes – FOR SURE American men are OBVIOUSLY the best 

In fact there is one thing that’s different – their attitude. Compared to other man I meet so far I like the “yes I can” mentality. I like if someone is taking action and is proud about doing it. Maybe this is because of their education, patriotism and independence. This is unique in the international competition.

Be sure to read her full interview at Big Peace; she’s not only a fan of America and American men, but she went out of her way to boost the morale of our British allies in the field and she’s a champion Call of Duty: Black Ops gamer.

My fellow Americans, this is why we fight! 

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PS: Yeah, it’s shameless of me. But, amidst all the politics and scandals and a lousy economy, isn’t it nice to gaze upon beauty for a moment? 

Megyn Kelly in GQ

November 20, 2010

The issue comes out this week and, for some reason, I predict it will be a hot seller:

Can’t say why, just a gut feeling I have.

Pardon me while I head to the newsstand.