Science: why cold pizza tastes so good

November 4, 2011

No better breakfast

Now this is Nobel Prize-worthy!

A Scottish chemistry lecturer believes she has discovered the scientific reason why cold, left-over pizza, tastes so good the morning after.

Dr Maureen Cooper, from Stirling University, says the answer lies in the properties of the tomato puree.

The traditional pizza base has fibres which trap water, preventing it from seeping through to the cooked dough and making it soggy.

Given that fat and water do not mix, the melted cheese topping then sits nicely above the puree.

Dr Cooper explained: “We all see the grease on plates which causes washing-up liquid to float on top.

“That is because oil and water do not mix. That same phenomenon can be applied to the cold pizza.

“Because the fat does not go through to the base, the pizza itself tastes so much better.

Sure, it’s an old article, but this is important stuff.

Besides, we all know cold pizza is Nature’s perfect food.

PS: Just, please, Dear God. Tell me they don’t use haggis as a topping….