Silent-but-eloquent: the case for economic freedom

July 5, 2011

Here’s a neat video from one of the evil Koch brothers (1) laying out fact after fact arguing that countries with greater levels of economic freedom, defined as small government, the rule of law, free trade, and the protection of property rights, regularly and vastly outperform statist regimes:

No, your computer’s sound isn’t messed up; it’s a silent movie. Scratch that. It turns out the mute had somehow been activated on this computer. This really is a “talkie.”

I think this video cuts to the heart of those policies that create prosperity — and the jobs that go with it.

Remember that in 2012.

via Dan Mitchell, who has another related video on his site


(1) The latest entry in the Left-Liberal demonology. Remember, gentlemanly elderly billionaires who want less government intrusion into our lives so we can all be free to prosper are EVIL!!! because… well, because.

Edit: Fixed some erroneous information and adjusted accordingly.

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The problem is the spending

December 15, 2009

Dan Mitchell of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity (associated with the Cato Institute) explains that the government’s fiscal problems are not so much a function of deficits or debt, but of politicians’ uncontrolled spending:

Best line: “You don’t cure an alcoholic’s drinking problem by giving him more beer, and you don’t fix a politician’s spending problem by giving him more money.”

(via Hot Air)

(Pic) The brains behind it all

August 18, 2009

President Obama acknowledges the true genius behind his economic policies:


We suspected as much from the start. Silly

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