Like spoiled children

February 17, 2010

Unable to get their way playing by the rules, some leading progressives are now advocating not just banning the filibuster, but eliminating the Senate altogether.

Granted there’s a snowball’s chance of this ever happening, yet these left-liberal intellectuals are truly laying bare just how little they care for the constitutional order we’ve created here. They don’t want representative democracy; what they want is a form of Jacobinism.

Of course, this is an old theme in progressivism; Woodrow Wilson, our first progressive president, also was the first to speak disparagingly of the Constitution and considered representative democracy a phase whose time was passing. (Liberal Fascism, pp. 81-93)  FDR was so impatient with the Supreme Court that he wanted to subvert it through his court-packing scheme.

Still, they worry me.Nailbiting

(via Zombywolf)