And now, kiddies, a reading from Marquis de Sade

December 4, 2009

Oh, my. I think President Obama’s Safe Schools Czar has some serious explaining to do.

Out of curiosity to see exactly what kind of books Kevin Jennings and his organization think American students should be reading in school, our team chose a handful at random from the over 100 titles on GLSEN’s grades 7-12 list, and began reading through.

What we discovered shocked us. We were flabbergasted. Rendered speechless.

We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air. One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview.

I take a pretty laissez-faire attitude toward sex and sexuality, but, yeah, this is waaaayyy over the line. If Jennings was in charge when GLSEN recommended these books (really, you have to read the article to believe this), then he has to go. Now. Yesterday.

Oh Good God!

October 1, 2009

Obama nominates admirer of key NAMBLA supporter to be Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools.

Maybe that’s “safe” as in “use a condom while committing statutory rape?”

Why not make Polanski “Teenage girls outreach czar” while he’s at it?

UPDATE: At Pajamas Media, Scott Ott recounts Kevin Jennings’ criminally negligent behavior regarding the protection of a student.