Klavan on the Culture: The New York Times Answer Man

April 22, 2010

Another installment of Andrew Klavan’s satirical look at society. This time, it’s the Paper of Record’s turn:

Klavan on culture: the MSM’s tea-party obsession

March 27, 2010

Andrew Klavan explores the mainstream media’s weird obsession with proving the Tea Party is racist, homophobic, fascist, and all those other nasty things:

Wait. Are we sure this isn’t a documentary, rather than satire?

Andrew Klavan’s Oscars: The Best Films Never Made

March 14, 2010

Andrew Klavan hosts his own awards show – and it’s shorter than the Oscars!

Of course, the last glacial period was shorter than most Oscar shows…

(And, in fairness, The Hurt Locker was unusually sympathetic to the Armed Forces for a modern Hollywood flick.)

Political correctness kills

December 7, 2009

Andrew Klavan explains how:

Happy spots are people too, you know.