Some day, I hope, this won’t be a big deal

December 22, 2011

Two US Navy sailors shared a kiss at the docks the other day, celebrating the return of one from overseas duty. As you look at the picture, you might notice something unusual:

Yes, they’re both women. They met and started dating while at training school, where they kept their relationship quiet under the then-current “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Now that it’s been repealed, they can openly share their joy at reunion.

And I’m glad for them. Some people, to be sure, have problems with homosexuals serving openly in the military, or problems with homosexuality in the first place. As I said in a comment at Pirate’s Cove, where I first learned of this story,

…I couldn’t give a rat’s rear end whether a couple is gay or straight. In a world in which love and kindness are in such short supply, what I applaud is the happiness they’ve found with each other. What matters far more than their sexual preferences is the fact that both are in the military and both are willing to risk their lives for their country. I hope they have many wonderful years together.

And let me emphasize the point about their military service:

  • Both are non-commissioned officers in the United States Navy;
  • Both have sworn an oath to obey the lawful orders of their superiors;
  • Both have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States;
  • Both are fire-control officers, meaning they’re trained for combat;
  • And both are willing to risk injury and even death in their nation’s service.

So, if they want to share a kiss to rejoice in a safe return, more power to them.

Petty Officers Gaeta and Snell, carry on.

PS: Some folks wondered if this was staged. Nope, Gaeta and Snell each bought raffle tickets for the privilege of having the official first kiss. The money goes to throw a Christmas party for Navy kids.

PPS: And just to get the obvious locker-room stuff out of the way, yes, they’re both very cute. NCO Gaeta, to be honest, is hot. But I would say the same things I wrote above about any gay couple in this situation; it’s their service, their dedication, and their character that counts, not their plumbing.

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