Obama lied, your insurance coverage died

October 5, 2010

Remember when Nancy Pelosi said Congress had to pass the health care reform law so we could find out what’s in it?


Congratulations, 3M retirees! Thanks to ObamaCare, you’re getting dumped from your company health plan:

3M Co., citing new federal health laws, said Monday it won’t cover retirees with its corporate health-insurance plan starting in 2013.

Instead, the company will direct retirees to Medicare-backed insurance programs, and will provide reimbursement for that coverage. It’ll also reimburse retirees who are too young for Medicare; the company didn’t provide further details.

The company made the changes known in a memo to employees Friday; news of the move was reported in The Wall Street Journal and confirmed Monday by 3M spokeswoman Jackie Berry.

In its memo, the company said the new health-reform act would create new opportunities for people in their 50s and 60s to find affordable insurance.

But… But… But the President said people could keep their insurance coverage if they liked it…

Of course, 3M is doing what any rational business would do when government creates new costs for them: evaluate the expense and decide what is in the company’s best interests: cut it or keep it. That’s just commonsense, something anyone with a basic knowledge of economics and business would know, which lets out the entire Obama administration and the congressional Democratic caucus. Meanwhile, the “little guy” the Democrats profess to care so much about gets to explore the wonders of Medicare and its shrinking pool of doctors…

And, gee, the election is less than a month away, and retirees tend to vote in large numbers. You don’t think they’ll remember this in the ballot booth, do you?

Oh, yes, they will. You betcha.

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Karmic justice smacks Harry Reid in the face

August 9, 2010

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, Majority Leader of the United States Senate, spent roughly a year shoving nationalized health care down the throats of a nation that clearly did not want it, disregarding both the People’s wishes and the harmful effects it will have on the country.

Thus we savor the irony and schadenfreude tonight as we read that Senator Reid (D-Bitter Old Man) has suddenly discovered that he doesn’t like the health care bill he fought so hard to enact:

John Graham of the Pacific Research Institute details a few fun facts in this video about HealthCare.gov, but the one that sticks out is this, a letter from Majority Leader Harry Reid to HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius sent on July 21st. The letter seems to indicate that Reid has finally read the health care bill, and after discovering it hurts Nevada hospitals more than it helps them, is complaining to the administration. You can read the full Reid letter here:

  • In a July 21 letter to U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Service Kathleen Sebelius, the Senate Majority Leader complains that ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare will “result in a net reduction in payment to Nevada’s hospitals when they are unable to absorb such a cut.” Furthermore, he questions the method used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to calculate the payments to hospitals, and is “very concerned about potential effects on beneficiary access if this regulation is finalized without adjustment.”

As Ben Domenech points out, what Reid is complaining about is the point of the whole danged bill! Half the costs of ObamaCare are (supposedly) paid for by cuts to Medicare. It was at the core of the bill, and yet it only now dawns on Harry that Nevada hospitals and patients will get the shaft?

We are truly lead by idiots, and November can’t come fast enough.

Meanwhile, consider donating to the woman who would like to replace him.

Shouldn’t the President be raging at Medicare?

October 5, 2009

They are, after all, the biggest denier of health-insurance claims in the country.

And yet this is one of his models for the proposed public option….