Political cartoon of the day: What media bias?

August 8, 2011

Michael Ramirez nails it:

(Click the image for a full-size view.)

via Big Journalism, which carries a related article on the transformation of American journalism into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

A media guide for confused journalists

January 12, 2011

Michael Ramirez shoots* a three-pointer, nothing but net:

(Click to enlarge)

*Oh no! Violent rhetoric! Someone hide Michael Daly‘s eyes!

The state of the Democratic Party in a single picture

November 16, 2010

This says it all, no?

Click to enlarge.

By Michael Ramirez via Power Line.

The Democrats’ suicide pact

March 13, 2010

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez on the (Social) Democrats’ obsession with passing ObamaCare at all costs:

(via Power Line)