Colombian military sends FARC terrorist to Hell in style

September 27, 2010

The American military (and it’s rumored, the Israelis) have been training the Colombian military since the 1990s under Plan Colombia to improve their professionalism and effectiveness in their battle with various guerrilla groups and their allied drug cartels. They’ve learned well, having made great strides in the last decade: several terrorist groups have disarmed, while the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) have suffered serious setback and are on the run. They’ve also greatly improved their human rights record.

And they’ve also developed a sense of style. First it was the daring rescue by helicopter of Ingrid Betancourt, and now they’ve killed FARC’s second-in-command, tracking him down via a GPS device hidden in his boots:

The implanting of the GPS chip was possible after authorities intercepted a communication from the guerrillas requesting special shoes for the guerrilla leader, reported Colombia’s El (in Spanish).

According with the version of a security agent interviewed by RCN Radio (audio in Spanish), Briceño was suffering of diabetes that affected the blood circulation in his feet which, in recent months, caused him serious sores forcing him to use special footwear.

  • “The Colombia Security Agency intercepted the communication from the guerrillas requesting special shoes and was able to intervene in the delivery of the boots, which were shipped to him with a GPS microchip. The device allowed establishing the precise location of Mono Jojoy,”

said the unnamed security official.

When the guerrilla leader received the boots did not notice the tracking system installed, which was broadcasting his position for several days. Briceño’s location was determined in a jungle area of the Macarena Mountains, Meta Department, in central Colombia.

Briceño then awoke a few days later to find over 30 Colombian Air Force planes and helicopters raining flaming death on his camp.

I bet they got this trick from the Israelis. It just sounds like a Mossad tactic. Regardless, well done, Colombia.

(via Fausta)