Hollywood fears the fatwa

November 15, 2009

With the release 2012, Islamist Watch wonders why the film shows holy places being destroyed around the globe – except Mecca.

“Who will survive 2012?” asks a website promoting Roland Emmerich’s new end-of-the-world film set three years from now. The answer: Muslims — or at least their cherished holy places:

For his latest disaster movie, 2012, the 53-year-old director had wanted to demolish the Kaaba, the iconic cube-shaped structure in the Grand Mosque in Mecca. …

But after some consideration, he decided it might not be such a smart idea, after all.

“I wanted to do that, I have to admit,” Emmerich told SciFiWire.com. “But my co-writer Harald [Kloser] said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right.”

Have a look to see how else Hollywood has gone out of its way to avoid offending Muslims, but shows no such concern for other religions, and learn why David Rusin rates Hollywood a D for Dhimmitude.

Semper Films

November 10, 2009

At Big Hollywood, former soldier Kurt Schlichter offers his list of the top ten movies about Marines.


August 4, 2009

Kurt Schlichter on Lee Marvin:

Check him out in 1967’s Point Blank. As Walker, a single-minded human tsunami of violence, he smashes through the psychedelic Sixties’ Summer of Love with his .357 and mantra of “I want my money!” This flick works for me on several levels. As a soldier, I respect his character’s fearsome firepower choices; as an attorney, I find his character’s single-minded focus on getting paid inspiring.

That explains a lot of attorneys I know. Winking