A White House of petty pols

January 1, 2010

Jennifer Rubin, star blogger at Contentions and a regular at Pajamas Media and elsewhere, unleashes her contempt for Team Obama, which considers an immediate blast-back to criticism from Dick Cheney (or Sarah Palin, or Rush Limbaugh, or FOX News) more important than a fast response to a crisis in Iran or a terrorist attack on the US:

The Pavlovian Response: Attack Cheney

This gang makes the Clintons look high-minded and magnanimous by comparison. Part of this attitude stems from their lack of other, more appropriate governing skills. They don’t know how to craft an effective, bipartisan health-care bill, or make a swift decision on Afghanistan (or announce it without the need for days of “it really isn’t a timeline” statements), or put together an alternative to “engagement” on Iran that doesn’t smack of more of the same wishful thinking. But they do know how to win elections, feed the media machine, and attack their political foes. So that is what they do over and over again.

More important, they have defined themselves as being not Bush and not Cheney. They cling to the rhetoric after it has lost all meaning (”Closing Guantanamo will protect our values.”), and they feel compelled to be contrarians (”Lose ‘the war on terror!’”). When Cheney appears periodically to mess with their heads (Don’t we think there is quite a bit of that going on?), their eyes light up and they jump. Ah, something they can do well — attack Cheney! But doing it frequently or quickly doesn’t make it smart or presidential. Like attacking Rush Limbaugh (best wishes for a speedy recovery) or Fox News, it diminishes rather than elevates Obama and gives us the sense that these are small-time pols, in over their heads. That would be more annoying than scary if we didn’t live in a world with Islamic terrorists and an Iranian regime bent on acquiring nuclear weapons.

But what do you really think, Jennifer?

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