(Video) 1948 cartoon: “Make Mine Freedom!”

July 7, 2014

Here’s a neat animated short from almost 70 years ago that does a darned good job showing the differences between a society based on individual liberty and the free market, on the one hand, and those based on statism (Socialism, Communism, and Fascism) on the other. It makes good use of humor to get its point across:

Nowadays, I think we could add another “-ISM” to that patent medicine’s list of ingredients: the religious totalitarianism of Islamism.

Via Dan Mitchell, this was part of good post on how the Left was wrong about unemployment insurance.

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Political cartoon of the day: What media bias?

August 8, 2011

Michael Ramirez nails it:

(Click the image for a full-size view.)

via Big Journalism, which carries a related article on the transformation of American journalism into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Well, he does like to be compared to FDR…

August 6, 2011

In light of last night’s wholly predictable and wholly unavoidable(1) downgrade of the nation’s debt rating, I think you’ll get a chuckle(2) from this political cartoon from 1934(!) , via Roger Kimball:

Obama really is in that grand Democratic tradition, no?

Meanwhile, if there’s any silver lining to this, it’s that that pressure on the Democrats and Obama to cut spending and reform entitlements to cut spending will increase to “agony” levels. Not that I expect them to cave in — nope. We’ll see calls for “more revenue” (higher taxes) and more class warfare, more blaming of Republicans and the Tea Party for demanding radical, extremist measures like —gasp!— fiscal responsibility, and more refusal by the Democrats(3) do to anything meaningful, because to do that would be to admit the intellectual bankruptcy and fraud of 80 years of Party orthodoxy.

And that would be a bit hard for anyone to do, let alone rigid, committed Leftist ideologues such as Obama and Pelosi. (I’m not including Reid, just because he’s simply an unintelligent tool who does what he’s told.)

No, real reform and the repairing of our finances has to wait for January, 2013, to begin, which means we all have to work as we never have before to make sure the right (as in “Right”) candidates win in 2012.

The S&P downgrade was the alarm saying the wheels are coming off that cart; it’s up to us to bring it to a halt before they do.

LINKS: Two thoughtful pieces from Ed Morrissey. First, on the possible effects of a national credit downgrade: Life After D-Day. The other is about how we best get out of this mess: Can We Grow Our Way Out?

(1)  While I sympathize with my friends on the hard Right (or, as I call that faction, the “Stalwarts”), saying that the downgrade could have been avoided if only we had passed “Cut, Cap, & Balance” (and thus blaming Boehner, too) is to engage in fantasy. In my opinion, it would never have gotten past the Senate and the Oval Office — the latter being held by a rigid, in his heart of hearts Socialist, ideologue. But, even if it could have been forced through, the Herculean effort needed would have taken so long that we’d have been downgraded by now, anyway. The damage done by the progressive sending binge has been that bad.

(2) Albeit a grim, resentful one. But a chuckle, nonetheless.

(3) I’m harping on the Democrats because, while I agree with my “Big L” libertarian friends that the Republicans bear their share of the blame for the debt/entitlement/spending fiasco, the lion’s share belongs to the Jackass Party. Just look at these charts on the deficit and the debt.

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California Screamin’: cartoon version

April 22, 2011

California’s history and California’s present:

via Ed Driscoll, who provides some depressing context for the future.

Jihadist Muslims force US cartoonist into hiding

September 16, 2010

Fatwa this!

The Religion of Tolerance again shows that “irony” has real meaning: Because of threats against her life by Muslims outraged* over her suggestion that everyone draw cartoons of Muhammad to show support for freedom of speech, Seattle political cartoonist Molly Norris has been forced to abandon her identity and go into hiding:

You may have noticed that Molly Norris‘ comic is not in the paper this week. That’s because there is no more Molly.

The gifted artist is alive and well, thankfully. But on the insistence of top security specialists at the FBI, she is, as they put it, “going ghost”: moving, changing her name, and essentially wiping away her identity. She will no longer be publishing cartoons in our paper or in City Arts magazine, where she has been a regular contributor. She is, in effect, being put into a witness-protection program—except, as she notes, without the government picking up the tab. It’s all because of the appalling fatwa issued against her this summer, following her infamous “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” cartoon.

We’re told again and again that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, yet, again and again, people are forced to go into hiding or get police protection because they have dared to criticize Islam and have been threatened by Muslims: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Lars Vilks, Salman Rushdie, and a bunch of Danish cartoonists, among others, all now run a real risk of being killed and have to live a life on the run. And they’re not just being paranoic “Islamophobes:” the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was gunned down by a Muslim and was stabbed and had his throat slit while begging for his life. All for exercising the liberty of free speech that is our inalienable, natural right.

Apologists will again try to tell us that what happened to Norris was just the work of a tiny minority of extremists who don’t represent the real Islam. (And is that true for Hirsi Ali, Vilks, van Gogh, and all the others, too?) Forget it. The Qur’an tells us that Muhammad is a perfect example for all mankind: his actions define what is moral. Thus the killing of those who criticize Islam carries the imprimatur of Muhammad, himself. While there are many, many Muslims who are rightfully horrified and embarrassed by moments like this, it is without doubt that those Muslims who threaten and act against critics of Islam are just following the path of Islam’s prophet.

I truly hope Ms. Norris, whatever she is calling herself now, has a concealed carry permit, a weapon, and knows how to use it, because it’s all too likely she will have to.

*(What else is new?)

LINKS: More from Sister Toldjah, who asks “How would the media react if Christians had made this threat?” Good question. Also Big Peace and at The Sundries Shack.

When Barack met Jimmy

June 12, 2010

A zinger of a political cartoon from Michael Ramirez:

(via Power  Line)

On government unions

April 20, 2010

Political cartoon of the day:

(via International Liberty)

The Democrats’ suicide pact

March 13, 2010

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez on the (Social) Democrats’ obsession with passing ObamaCare at all costs:

(via Power Line)

Christmas for the insurance companies

December 27, 2009

Nate Beeler on the corporatist deal cut on the Senate version of health care reform:

I’d have put Harry Reid in Obama’s place, but the point is well-taken: Big Business sells out to support Big Government’s policies in return for guaranteed profits, in this case the individual mandate that requires persons to buy a private insurance policy whether they want it or not. They’re not owned by the government, but they are an arm of it, nonetheless.  It’s the fascist bargain.

And, no, I’m not calling Obama or Reid jackbooted fascists. But the progressive policies they’re pursuing are part of an ideological continuum on the Left that runs from a relatively mild Progressivism through Fascist and Communist totalitarianism, all of which subordinates the individual to the State and assumes that the State is the arbiter of the public good. Theirs is a fascism with a smile and a warm hug, not goosesteps and truncheons. In short, it’s a liberal fascism.

You can follow Nate Beeler’s cartoons at The Washington Examiner.

Global Warming’s ironclad evidence?

December 6, 2009

Political cartoonist Nate Beeler in The Washington Examiner:

Hee hee

Sunday funny

September 27, 2009

From the pen of Joe Heller of the Green Bay Press-Gazette:


Blissful ignorance?

September 25, 2009

Nate Beeler in the Washington Examiner: