Video: The New Orleans school voucher program

August 19, 2010

Following up on this report, Reason.TV takes another look at the sweeping reforms of the New Orleans school system after Hurricane Katrina, changes that saw the enrollment at Charter and other private schools climb to 70% of the city’s students. In this case, the documentary focuses on one private academy and the satisfaction of teachers, parents, and students with their new arrangements:

Granted, this is only one case and it’s meant to showcase the benefits of a voucher system, but, given the empirical success as measured in test scores and the parents’ reports of how much their children look forward to going to school, isn’t something like this worth trying in other poorly performing districts, such as LA Unified?

Okay, so there’d be a few roadblocks

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Your school district is lying to you

March 15, 2010

Tito found this video at Big Government, in which a Cato Institute education analyst shows how the figures for spending per student released by school districts grossly underestimates the true cost of public education:

As the spokesman asks, how can parents effectively evaluate their children’s education if they don’t know the cost? This makes a good case for vouchers, too, since, if the crappy public school costs as much as a good private school, why not just give the parents the money to send their child to a good school, instead?