The Left and “blood libel:” the cartoon version

January 16, 2011

The essence of moonbat reasoning:

I’d say that covers it.

via Legal Insurrection

So, let me get this straight

October 14, 2009

The NFL has a problem with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh over racist quotes that were fabricated and falsely attributed to him, yet they have no problem with convicted dog-torturer Michael Vick?

WTF??  Raised Eyebrow

I rarely think defamation suits are worthwhile, but I hope Limbaugh goes after the promoters of these slanders against him. This has been disgraceful.

LINKS: More at Exurban League, which wonders why the NFL tolerates misogynist Sunday Night Football host Keith Olbermann. Mark Steyn wants to see the proof. Legal Insurrection recommends Al Sharpton for NFL commissioner.