The Great Norwegian Butter Crisis

December 23, 2011

Apparently there’s a country-wide shortage of butter in Norway, just as Christmas approaches and everyone needs butter for their Christmas cakes. The horror!

Anyway, some insensitive American comics have been making jokes about Norway’s butter trauma, and one brave Norwegian lad has decided to give us a piece of his butter-deprived mind:

So there. Don’t you butter-hogging Americans feel ashamed?

For background, read this article at Canada’s National Post. It seems the Great Norwegian Butter Crisis of 2011is a sterling example of why government monopolies are far inferior to free markets.

Meanwhile, let’s have some pity on the poor, butter-less Norwegians, okay? No fair laughing! 

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Blacked-out Britain

November 10, 2010

Last one out of the UK, turn off the lights:

New dark age on our streets: Up to 75% of councils are dimming the lights to save money

Town halls are plunging our streets into darkness as they try to cut energy bills, damning research reveals.

Up to three-quarters of councils are planning to turn off street lamps or dim the lights in an attempt to save money and meet climate change targets, a poll has found.

But police fear that darkened streets will act as a haven for burglars, muggers and vandals – and motoring experts warn that there may be more accidents on the roads.

Evoking memories of 1970s-style blackouts, the poll found that 43 per cent of town hall bosses are already committed to switching off lights.

Another 12 per cent say they are dimming lamps – meaning that more than half of councils are cutting back in some way.

Meanwhile, a further 19 per cent of local authorities are also considering some form of blackout, according to the survey of 75 councils.

If these results are replicated across all councils, nearly three-quarters could be cutting back on lighting to save money.

The worries about public safety are no joke, as England and Wales already have a worse crime rate than the US.

The increasing energy bills are part and parcel of a long-term UK government policy to fight the non-existent problem of anthropogenic global warming that has favored uneconomical “solutions,” such as wind farms, that need government subsidies to survive. These subsidies are paid for by taxes and fees on other, more economical power sources, which costs then get passed on to the end-users, such as local councils. (And let’s not forget that these wind farms almost never produce the power they promise.)

Unlike France, which has made nuclear power a centerpiece of its domestic energy program, Britain halted all construction for so many years while pursuing the Green Dream that their existing reactors are scheduled to come offline in a few years with no replacements, leaving the UK to face severe energy shortages and… lights out!

RELATED: An excellent book on the mess caused by the global-warming farce, including an extensive discussion of Great Britain’s disastrous energy policy.

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