When Kremlin Trolls Attack

February 23, 2015

Cold War II meets the social media age.

The XX Committee

The issue of online trolls doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin has been getting some mainstream media attention, finally. The reality that Russia buys, or at least rents, trolls by the battalion to harass, intimidate and make life unpleasant for anybody who opposes Moscow policy, while employing aggressive agitprop to further Putinist propaganda, isn’t exactly news, but it’s nevertheless welcome to see mainstream outlets doing some digging into what’s going on.

I’ve dealt with more than my share of Kremlin trolls ever since the Edward Snowden story broke in June 2013. As a major spokesman for the anti-Snowden viewpoint, as well as the only former NSA counterintelligence officer who’s talked publicly about this case at length, I’ve gotten my share of grief and then some from online Pals of Putin, with their usual modus operandi: smears, lies, slurs, and threats.

Some of these Kremlin clowns…

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#AskObama on Twitter!

July 6, 2011

Here’s your chance to ask the President the questions you’ve always wanted to ask him. He’s holding a town hall on Twitter today at 11AM PST, and questions can be submitted via the service using the hashtag #AskObama. (Just remember you’re limited to 140 characters.)

A lot of us have been having fun with silly or satirical questions, but you can toss serious ones in, too. We know he won’t answer ours, but it’s fun to bug whatever White House flunky is assigned the task of going through them all. 

The question of the day has to be this one, though. Consider the source.

My full list of questions.

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