Where our oil money goes

April 23, 2010

Oh, well. I suppose it’s better than having it go to bin Laden: Arabs Spend 5 Billion Dollars Annually on Magic and Sorcery

Dr. Fahd Bin Abdulaziz al-Sunaidi, a Professor at the Department of Islamic Studies of the King Saud University has revealed that Arabs spend a total of 5 billion dollars a year on practices of magic and sorcery, and that there is one magician for every 1,000 people in the Arab world.

During a lecture at the Department of Education in Najran entitled “The Media and Educations; Cooperation or Discord” Dr. Sunaidi said that the media campaign against magic and sorcery has significantly contributed to reducing the influence of this phenomenon in the Arab world.

In 2009 a study by the Center for Research and Study, which is affiliated with Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice [CPVPV] set procedural guidelines in an effort to combat magic and those who practice it.

The report in question included scientific definitions of magic, witchcraft, divination, fortune-telling and other similar practices and a model in order to help uncover such practices.

The good doctor also recommended that efforts be made to fight Internet sites and other communication media that promote magic.

And I don’t think he’s talking about the card game.

Then again, maybe that link will get me in trouble with the CPVPV. Oh, what the heck. I’ve always wanted a fatwa of my own.

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Civilized nation won’t behead TV host … today

April 2, 2010

Following up on the nightmarish story of Ali Hussain Sibat, a Lebanese TV host sentenced to die in Saudi Arabia for sorcery, there’s good news and bad news:

The good news is that he won’t have his head cut off.

The bad news is that that’s only for today.

Condemned ‘sorcerer’ won’t die Friday, lawyer says

A Lebanese man condemned to death for sorcery by a court in Saudi Arabia won’t face beheading Friday, his lawyer said Thursday.

May El Khansa told CNN she received assurances from Lebanon’s justice minister that Ali Hussain Sibat will not be executed Friday. But there was no indication that Sibat’s death sentence would be commuted or that he would be released, she said.

Mr Sibat has a wife and five children. Here’s a picture of him with two of them:

Come on, Saudi Arabia, pull your head out of your 7th-century behind. Fine the man, if you have to do something to honor your barbaric law code, but let him go back to his family.

Here’s a hint: There is no such thing as magic, sorcery, or witchcraft.

NOTE: Yesterday I identified Mr. Sibat by his lawyer’s name, May El-Khansa. My apologies for the mistake.

(via The Jawa Report)

But they’re civilized

April 1, 2010

Saudi Arabia is set to behead a Lebanese TV personality tomorrow for being a “sorcerer:”

Lawyer: Beheading planned in Saudi sorcery case

A Lebanese man charged with sorcery and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is scheduled to be beheaded on Friday, the man’s lawyer said Wednesday.

May El Khansa, the attorney for Ali Hussain Sibat, told CNN that she and Sibat’s family were informed about the upcoming execution. She said she heard from a source in Saudi Arabia with knowledge of the case and the proceedings that Saudi authorities “will carry out the execution.”

The Saudi Ministry of Justice could not immediately be reached for comment on the matter.

One hopes they’re too ashamed at the medieval backwardness of their country to answer the phone.

Note that Mr. El Khansa Sibat was arrested by the Mutaween, the Saudi religious police, who enforce the rule of sharia law in the Kingdom. This is the same police force that forbade young girls to escape a burning building, thus letting them burn to death, because they lacked proper head covering according to sharia law.

The same sharia law jihadists wish to impose over us.

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

(via The Jawa Report)

UPDATE: Yesterday I identified Mr. Sibat by his lawyer’s name, May El-Khansa. My apologies for the mistake.