No posting today

February 5, 2012

It’s the Super Bowl, and thus all else stops. Because it’s the law.

Go, Giants!

Update: Congratulations to the New York Giants! The truly best team won.

(In all honesty, though, I think the 49ers-Saints divisional game was a far more exciting contest. But that doesn’t take away from Big Blue’s achievement.)

Blog Holiday

February 6, 2011

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, a sacred day in America, thus we at Public Secrets Global HQ are taking the day off. (Besides, Tito’s busy making the nachos. I hope they don’t forget the chicken wings… ) So, sit back and enjoy the game, whichever team* you root for.

Oh, okay. If you’re one of the godless commies who doesn’t like football, you might consider Puppy Bowl or one of the many fine sites linked to the right.

*Go, Pack, go!!