And yet the Left made fun of Bush??

January 24, 2010

At least he didn’t need a teleprompter to speak to school children:

(UPDATE: video)

I wonder where else The One might need his presidential binky…


UPDATE 2: According to AOL, Obama talked to the schoolchildren in another room, sans teleprompters. The photo above comes from a subsequent “brief remarks” session with the press. Not as pathetic as first thought, therefore, but only somewhat so. I mean, can’t he make even a few comments to the press without the darned things?

Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show – Updated!

December 12, 2009

Finishing off her book tour with a flourish, the former Alaska governor made a surprise appearance on The Tonight Show, where William Shatner was doing another beat-style dramatic reading from her book. In revenge, Palin walked out on stage to do a reading from Shatner’s memoirs:

Visit the LA Times’ Top of the Ticket blog, where Andrew Malcolm has posted the video. (WordPress won’t let me link it here. Angry ) And applause for Shatner for being a good sport about this.

Hmmm… If she was reading from a teleprompter, she’s better at it than Barack Obama. She certainly comes across as a natural. If you’ll recall, her teleprompter broke during her speech at the Republican National Convention last year, but she didn’t miss a beat. Unlike….

Rolling on the floor

UPDATE: Sarah Palin posts shots from her visit to the Tonight Show on her Facebook page.